We want Syria & Iran US in-your-face revolution plans

by Tapesh

Washington has strongly backed the Libyan opposition since a revolutionary wave engulfed the state. It's now equally enthusiastic in its support AGAINST Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad. But the concern is whether America's decision to take sides could backfire on its closest Middle East ally - Israel. RT's Gayane Chichakyan looks at the possible repercussions of U.S. policy.
Israel's strained relations with Turkey and Egypt threaten to leave it dangerously isolated from the whole region.

 A situation made even more delicate by the upcoming decision at the UN on whether to grant the Palestinians statehood. RT talks to Dr. Ayman Salama, professor of international law and member of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs .


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Obama,the Reluctant Neo-Con is out , but A-Team is comeing back

by bushtheliberator on

Do You want an"in your face" liberation policy ?? I think Doug Feith,and Rummy are hanging around with Rick Perry ! There might be a new set of cowboy boots in the White House in'13.