Basseh Dige

by TheMrs

Hi people. Do you tweet? Facebook? Would you please stop posting new dates on koseshers from two weeks ago and telling everyone else you have news of Iran? Give it up dige baba basseh. There is enough news going on that is directly happening in Iran or that will affect Iran. You don't need to post youtube links with new dates.

I refuse to believe that educated people don't know that youtube links posted on "July 6" are old. Why? Well the people in them give the date from like 2 weeks ago. Ey baba.

And some information is so dubious it's almost certainly false. Please stop passing around information that is unconfirmed. I can assure you the head of Basij has not left Iran, Khamenei hasn't died and so on.

Come one people. We're all starving for information. You think lying makes you any better than seda sima?

18 Tir is coming up as well as some other dates. KEEP FOCUSING on those gatherings and confirmed news. Grow up.


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David ET

How to help The People? w/ Beshin, Befarma or Betamarg?

by David ET on


Majority on Tweeter, facebook and most importantly in Iran are doing their best UNDER THE GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS obtain, report and pass on the information from Iran. Naturally since people were not BORN journalist not have had exposure to it as some may have are not as savvy as you may presume but doing what they can to help the movement.

Among them many inexprienced youth and averag epeople,  many non-Iranians on this side who don't even know the facts enough but doing their share to help. 

Also there have been some misinformation some actually created by regime and its supporters to confuse and to reduce quality and liability and some actually to obtain names, IP's phone numbers etc. This is something that especially on twitter many noticed 

 and then there are some of the opposition who resort to their old methods of misinformation by falsification (MEK types). 

But overall such instances are minority and expected when people are in totally new circumstances and doing something that historically has never been done before

So I suggest to focus on all the good information, try to verify the information that comes before forwarding and being wary of some intentional misinformation but also not to give reason to the regime to try to undermine the efforts as fake etc.

As good as your intentions are I think you are overreacting with the wrong tone. Do not presume that all are as sophisticated as you may be but majority are doing best they can , so lets give them credit and a little more slack, inform them of what to watch for but not undermin them for what regime or few may do (defintely not majority of reporting_ and a black out that has been imposed on them

At the end no one can deny the NEW face of a dead or injured or crackdown and beating whenever it may have happened .

Its called "Citizens" not "professional" journalism


PS: If someone wants more verified news can refer to Iran blogs of Guardian.UK , Huffington Post, NY times, etc that try to verify before posting but they do stay with the pulse at least once a day. Twitter and facebook is not for those with less patience and understanding of limitations. Secondly there is some credit and truth at some of the Buzz and Chatter if those who are more savy can seperate truth from none. Buzz and chatter is even used by those in financial market who rely on information by the second to determine the pulse , not 100% discredited nor  taken as facts either but most news that hit the media has been seen among the Buzz beforehand so it has its own value

Welcome to new age of information of the people, by the people and for the people time will get better 

but more imprtantantly VIVA INFORMATION as information is power , is education and is the People Power . It is stronger than arms and money . Something the governments and elite of world had controlled but NO MORE

Welcome to future! 




N a z y

YouTube Journalism

by N a z y on

Many people recorded the events in Iran on their cell phones.  Some were posted immediately.  Some are being uploaded even now. I would personally like to see them all, regardless of their date.

Presumably as a service to Iranians inside Iran, many people have taken to re-posting videos.  I don't understand the necessity of this, but I can see that it's done in good faith.  If you have become a YouTube junkie during the past few weeks, you will know immediately whether you have seen a video clip before or not.

Some people are irresponsibly labeling the re-posted videos with current dates or with wrong information (one clip says this happened in Tehran, while a copy of the same clip says this happened in Isfahan).  To most of us who are following the news, it is clear that the events in the clip could not have happened last night.  This is not the worst thing that could happen.  "Citizen journalism" doesn't put the entire responsibility on the "reporter;" some of it should rest on the reader/viewer, too.

The worst offense is Mojahedin e Khalgh's re-posting those videos with their emblem on it, making it look like those videos were shot by their supporters in Iran, creating a major nightmare for people in the videos should the authorities decide to use them against them.

Under the circumstances and without access to "real journalism" out of Iran, any and all images are welcome.  As viewers, we should bear the responsibility of sifting through and making our best judgment about what we are viewing.

My two cents.


Westender. Ha, ha, what a

by KouroshS on


Ha, ha, what a funny joke. Moosh nakhoradet.

So you don't think world war 1 was a big deal ? Just a bunch of beekar people who happened to be wondering on the streets were killed and that was that?

All you care about is the date and how recent the events are. That is what gets your attention, Anything else is a wasted of your precious time.

You don't even have a clue of what goes on in iran.

persian westender


by persian westender on

Have you heard about these recent events?..oh man its horrible:


and pls pay attention to their magnitude!



gitdoun ver.2.0

challenge lies no matter if it's from the IRI or the exiles

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

it's because this website is FUELED on LIES. And when someone is critical of all the lies these war mongering exiles spew then the The Admins, the supposed democracy loving exiles that champion FREEDOM OF SPEECH, decide to axe their accounts.  iranians deep down sadly, inside iran or outside of iran, just don't have the temperament for alllll that democracy entails.



by KouroshS on

Effate kalam az ke amookhti... They said, from The Mrs.

Two weeks or 100 years old. This is not a competition for having the best and the latest and the greatest of the pictures and images. Obviously, The point that is being brought, or rather should be brough to your attention, is the magnitude and the extent of Devastation and crime. Who the F... cares if it is old or brand new?

Khejalat ham khoob chizieh.


Don't make a big fuss

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

Ok? Good girl.


i understand your point ari.....

by sarshar45 on

ari, i certainly understand your point and do agree that a follow up is good journalism practice. however,  many people and friends and countrymen that post here do not check out youtube or twitter daily or even weekly and they are not journalists by trade. they read, they see, they post what is interesting to them.... so if it is something that is not up to date or explicitly false, then by all means i encourage people to post a comment as to the validity or the date of the video. free expression is wonderful!


if it is truly to trick those readers that read and post here, then i dont think that is right.

maybe i am more of a optimist than most... i dont believe that the majority that  post things, post things that are meant to confuse or trick...

i for one, do not mind the posts and do do further research to see how accurate the news really is....

Ari Siletz

Sarshar45, good journalism practice

by Ari Siletz on

Several times I have been misled by youtube videos that did not mention the actual date of the event--as compared with the date of the posting. If the purpose was to suggest that the protests are still going on in full force, the trick backfired because now I am suspicious of all videos of protests claiming to be recent. If the oversight was just due to negligence, then the youtube poster should be more careful in the future. The credibility of citizen journalism depends on it.  

Ali Abdolrezaei

A new video

by Ali Abdolrezaei on

Hi TheMrs! If you like poetry,watch the below video which I'm sure you've not watch.



why criticize?

by sarshar45 on

everyone may not know that a video that they saw today is old... if it is, then i say is it really harming anyone? some of us are really not on youtube daily nor do we necessarily get the barrage of emails that you may get. if it isnt hurting anyone then why complain? if you open it and have seen the video, then delete or stop is an easy way to get around those items you have seen before....


if you are offended or you have seen it before, then "delete" or "ignore"  can be your friend online..... just a thought....



of course, this is just my opinion.


Halaa Chera...

by Khar on

Inghadar Asabani shodi TheMrs joon? I bet you every reader here   knows what is true and what is BS.

persian westender


by persian westender on

 I'm pretty sure these two are really for July 6:






exhale, it's over.....

by NezarehGar (not verified) on

No, there was no revolution taking place,
No, Islamic Republic leaders are a lot smarter than the credit given to them,
No, media is not paying much attention to the failed reform movement in Iran,
and many more NOs,
give it up.

Ari Siletz

Ali P.

by Ari Siletz on


How come you don't have the Fw:Fw:Fw? Or maybe you mean you already got it in a Fw:Fw.

Ali P.

Amen to that!

by Ali P. on

LOL...I hear you sister.

And while you are at it, tell them to stop forwarding old crap to our email addresses.

If you received an email, with  "Fw:Fw:Fw" on the subject line, DO NOT FORWARD it to your friends.