Basseh Dige

by TheMrs

Hi people. Do you tweet? Facebook? Would you please stop posting new dates on koseshers from two weeks ago and telling everyone else you have news of Iran? Give it up dige baba basseh. There is enough news going on that is directly happening in Iran or that will affect Iran. You don't need to post youtube links with new dates.

I refuse to believe that educated people don't know that youtube links posted on "July 6" are old. Why? Well the people in them give the date from like 2 weeks ago. Ey baba.

And some information is so dubious it's almost certainly false. Please stop passing around information that is unconfirmed. I can assure you the head of Basij has not left Iran, Khamenei hasn't died and so on.

Come one people. We're all starving for information. You think lying makes you any better than seda sima?

18 Tir is coming up as well as some other dates. KEEP FOCUSING on those gatherings and confirmed news. Grow up.


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gitdoun ver.2.0

answer for hateIRI

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

hateIRI fudging of dates regarding three or four video clips is not the contention i believe. what i and others are appealing for is the restraint of giving false impressions. u ask "well how does giving false impressions via fudging of dates/half truths undermine the movement in iran??" in answer i will simply point out two examples. One example is an individual and the 2nd is a well known organization. Both examples however when they do speak, presently in 2009, the international community either ignores them or takes their evidence with a grain of salt.  And so naturally the effectiveness of these movements or persons have been greatly handicapped simply because they have lost a key vital ingredient --legitimacy.  Integrity of evidence is the backbone of any movement and/or opposition. When half truths and fudging of evidence becomes prevalent; that movement's legitimacy becomes doubtful.

 For example once key players in the middle east region such as Ahmad Chalabi and organizations by the likes of MKO are presently are sidelined and have minimal effectiveness in the international arena because of their false impression tactics and half baked truths.

The longevity of the Green Movement in gaining popular support within iran and in the international community depends on several matters to be sure but i believe one pillar is being able provide accurate and valid presentations in allll matters. 

~Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

Setareh Cheshmakzan


by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

The movement of the people of Iran is not undermined by someone pointing out mistakes and inaccuracies in reporting, but it can be aided by sincere and meticulous attention to truth.  How does pointing out wrong dating of the video clips, such as Meydoon-e Ferdosi on 5th July,  which gives the false impression that demos are in full force, undermine the movement in Iran, may I ask?  

Please direct your anger wisely and not against those who are in the same front as you are. 


Ok good you gus di a great work of identifying people are lying


Now go to your disco dancing

STOP I mean it STOP to undermine the movement and the murders and killing of our young men and women.





Ageh badet miad

by Anonymous Joojeh (not verified) on

video ro negah nakon. Lazem nist inghadr chert o pert benevisi.


Setareh, I'm referring to

by TheMrs on


I'm referring to exactly your example below. People take old images and old news and change the date or the city or some information and feed it to the rest of us.

It's comforting to know there are so many non shallow, very very deep people here who can bleed their hearts of Iran but don't even know what's going on because they keep watching the same youtube links and think it's a different city or a different date...vay che khoob ke shoma kharejin iran boodin javoonaro bad bakht mikardin.



Setareh Cheshmakzan

The Mrs, I am sorry you are being mobbed!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

I really think the Mrs is misunderstood and although Persian Westerner and Ari have commented confirming her point, some people seem to like to make her the target of abuse and attack.  Why?!    Why do you use so much energy attacking someone else who has nothing to do with the violence in Iran?  Is it guilt?  Or impotence?  If you think people are suffering and dying and something should be done, then think what might be useful and do it and reduce your guilt.  Crucifying the Mrs and insulting her does not solve that which hurts you ...


p.s. I have been told by friends in Tehran that the video posting relating to July 5th of Maydoon-e-Ferdosi, is not accurate.   I told them about it and they said they did not think that there was any gathering there on July 5th and no-one put a green scarf on Fardosi 's statue!  So if this is the case, the video must belongs to those days of large demos many days ago.  Does anyone know whether there was a gathering in Ferdosi on July 5th?  I think this is the case the Mrs is trying to make.  Now restrain yourselves and don't come and hit me!  

Still reply to my question please!  Was there a demo in Meydoon-e-Ferdosi on July 5th?  Thank you whilst running ;) 


Dear The Mrs. ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

Could you kindly write another [Baseh Digeh] blog about Micheal Jackson's death?

I am literally getting sick of all the coverage.



gitdoun ver.2.0

by QUEEN (not verified) on

Chera migi:"khuda margam bede"?!!
dd'eeeeeh, in harfa chie mizani?
vaaay, khoda nakone.
mikhay margam bedi?
az in harfa nazani digeha, basheh.

boos boos.

gitdoun ver.2.0

esmesh nazanincanadaii bood !!!?? khuda margam bede !!!! .LOL

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

she was formerly NazaninCanadai??? dd'eeeeeh!! rast migi !!!?? vaaay!!!!

 who cares !!!!  lol.  anyhow im sure alot of people have had several accounts on this site; myself included. (thus the ver2.0) Since the Admins of, the ever Champions of Freedom of Speech, seem to love hacking accounts away that offer opposing points of view. i can see now why there are so many ANONYMOUS posters.

in any event, this blog is pretty good in my opinion because she is calling out the BS Lies that several people here are spinning out against the IRI.

Lies do not suit our purpose in changing the IRI. Lies and half truths in the long run only backfire since those who seek change lose credibility. And integrity is an important aspect if we are to be successful in our campaign against the IRI.


gitdoun ver.2.0

by reb on

Stop being patronizing. ALL BLOGS by the character TheMrs (formerly NazaninCanadai) are SHALLOW and sometimes outright STUPID. She needs to know that.

gitdoun ver.2.0

address the subject

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

reb stop the ad hominem attacks and address the issue presented. and btw, IF she is superficial.... theeeen that comment of yours must be what???


Very superficial

by reb on

TheMrs: you're the most superficial and unattractive contributor on this website. This is another stupid blog in line with your fashion faux pas or fat people blogs. Why don't you display your own picture instead of Angelina Joli's? Are you fat? You seem to be over-compensating, grandma!


میسیز جان بسه دیگه!

Anonybass (not verified)

بسه دیگه بسه دیگه سوختم
شعله رو خاموش کن !


خیلی لوسی

متاسف (not verified)

مردم بی گناه و بی پناه در ایران کشته و زخمی شدند و در حال شکنجه هستند. تمام هم و غم و غصه تو اینه که کی برات چی توی ایمیل میفرسته و تاریخش چی هست و چی نیست؟ یک ماه نشستی فکر کردی و تنها کاری که از دستت بعنوان یک ایرانی برآمد این بود که بشینی چس ناله و شکایت بکنی که توی ایمیل برات چی میاد؟ واقعا که خیلی خیلی لوسی. حالا هم که این بلاگ لوس را نوشتی بازم دست بر نمیداری و هی واسه خودت کامنت میذاری که مردم فکر کنند چه تراوشات مهمی در این بلاگ اتفاق افتاده که اینهمه کامنت گرفته؟ واقعا که عق.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I think theMrs. is somewhat misunderstood.  I'm not sure many people really get her type of sarcasm.  I know that I myself have been put off by it on occasion and I am the master of smart ass sarcasm!  So I'm not leaping to her defense, she's capable of defending herself.  But I do think that her "message" is taken a little too literally at times.  But people!  At least she's not complaining about fashion faux paux or fat people this time!  :-)

ps.  which ones are the dirty words?  Azizam won't teach me any.  :-(

khaleh mosheh

Calm down Mrs

by khaleh mosheh on


Thanks for clarifying it

by TheMrs on

Thanks for clarifying it for me koorosh

hey hateri I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Let me explain. I didn't say anything about YOUR mother. I referred to the IRI and the mullah. ANd then I said you could tell your mom that you heard a bad word here. Like you could run to her as a little boy and say maman maman in khanumeh fosh dad. And it was in reference to what you said earlier.

Sheesh it's like dealing with a bunch of ninis. What happened to sarcasm. I guess one has to explain everything in detail here so people do'nt get confused.

Whatever man this is so useless keep posting whatever you want to post aslan be man che. keep posting the same stuff with new dates and mislead as many people as you want. They did in 79, why not do it again.




by KouroshS on

He does not have a problem with reading, It was you who said: This madar ghabeha in iran ... and then in the parenthesis you added, hala boro ba mamanet begoo ke yeki dare fohsh mide...You did mention His maman! You don't have the right, even in the most freedom-of-speech embracing internet or non-internet medium to make any kinda reference to anyone's mother. You simply do not.


Hateri: Your mother?!?!?

by TheMrs on

Hateri: Your mother?!?!? Who the heck said anything about your mother? WHAT???! Fek mikonam moshkeleh khoondan dari.

You know Who? No I Really don't but OGH indeed. Please people try not to falsify news. Thanks



OGH !!

by YouKnowWho (not verified) on

All I can say is OGH!


The Mrs


Now you are talking about mothers. What has my mom to do with this.

Curse as much as you want don't bring a third part into the picture. My Mother died from cancer.

Now you made your point.

I still think you are narcistic individual who just thinks about herself and doesn't consider anyone else's point of view. 

have a good day enjoy cursing and shouting

BTW are those fake boobs you have they are very pointy 




Kourosh S The example I

by TheMrs on

Kourosh S

The example I gave makes perfect sense because it illustrates the point. It’s a powerful image and we need to see it. But if some how, that same image is misused to represent something it isn’t, then it’s wrong. Now if another shot of Neda is used to show the brutality of it all, or the same images are used as tributes or other things…that’s great. No problem. No one will ever forget these images and we should see them over and over. But for what they are. Not for what they aren’t.

It doesn’t take much time to create a youtube login, take a saved video and upload it with a description that says, this happened 2 hours ago in Rasht.

And the argument that intelligent people can fish through all the reports to find the current ones is weak. How many people believe stuff they seen on FOX? Come on man. Those people who take old images and change the dates or give out BS information KNOWING it’s bs, know who they are. They should stop.


As for Hatiri: What was it they said in Tehran? Harki ke kam miareh namoos vasat miareh? Khob mobarakeh that you’ve never heard a woman curse in public. You sure you’re not a bacheh molla? Keep your Puritanism for yourself thank you very much. These people who are killing people in iran are madar ghahbehs (be mamanet bego yekasi inja fosh dad vay khoda chi kar mikoni?) We need them out of Iran. And we can’t do it if 75 % of the news is pure junk. Can’t we even try to reduce it to 74% without you spazing? I bet you're one of those people who keep psoting the same alaho akbar video on youtube with a new date or a new city. Stop it. Concentrate on the upcoming international protests. How many have you attended so far? Did you donate money to human rights watch or amnesty international this past year? khodeto dar jer midi vase oona ke zendoonana begoo bebinim vasashoon in 2 hafteh chi kar kardi?


persian westender

Significance of date on you tube.

by persian westender on

Of course that the date matters! For sure we are not historian to keep track of a historical event.

But, the difference between a video from 10 June and from 01 July, says a lot! it says how the movement is going on, how the planed events are responded by people, and whether people are still on the stage,  up to now. For example, tomorrow is supposed to be 18 tir, and if you see OLD videos with that date, what you would imply? I know people who put those images on the you tube first hand, are not professional journalists and they are doing a great job. But people who put them again on youtube with FALSE INFORMATION, I REPEAT FALSE INFORMATION (including the date) , are misleading others, on propose or unintentionally.   




The MRS.

by KouroshS on

The example that you are using, i.e. neda's image of being shot in the back, would not even relate to the case you are presenting. Che Rabti dare?

If someone creates such a shot. which i am sure it will take one dedicated person to lie and fabrication to do something as sick, people can know immdiately that they are facing a coward liar, no questions about that. Because thay have already watched and confirmed that poor girls tragic demise. Why would they even fall for something like that, regardless of what date is put on the clip??? as someone here said before people are intelligent and smart enough to not just fall for anything that they see on Youtube, as the truth, knowing what they know already.


Disco loving hippie

by Anonymouse on

Missy you are a disco loving hippie!!  Is that a bad thing?! Disco loving hippo would have been bad!  LOL ;-) 

Everything is sacred.


Interesting point of few


So sorry that you are been harassed by e-mails and old news TheMrs.

While people's house doors are kicked at night, mothers savagely beaten and husbands shot you are worried about old clips and that upsets you if someone has the passion and likes to show its emotion in this manner.

Thousand are been jailed and some don't even know where their sons and daughters are located you and your LA like, disco loving hippies are worried about email spam by your copatriotes.  

People are frustrated, angry and don't know what to do, specially the ones who are here and that is how they vent

 If you don't like it just delet it, don't read it or don't even sign up for it but don't crush the enthusiasm and the passion of the people

By the way women you do do have a low class and foul mouth for any women I have known.

Iranians express yourself howver you want to. Twitter, facebook or youtube post them repeatedly so we see the images of crimes comitted by the murderous 




By the way, these old videos

by TheMrs on

By the way, these old videos with new dates aren't obvious to many people. Lots of people just follow the news and haven't seen all the images. Giving them old links with new dates is lying. More dangerous is non iranians who see these vids with new dates. it misleads everyone. CHOOPAANEH DURUGH GOO FARAMOOSH NASHAVAD.


I don’t have a problem

by TheMrs on

I don’t have a problem with people passing old footage or sharing it. Great, let’s see them.


But the problem is some people put this old footage and stick a current date to it and pass it around saying it’s from yesterday. This has nothing to do with inexperienced journalism or the internet revolution. It’s basic lying. Why put protest videos from 2 weeks ago in Tehran and stamp it as july 7 kermanshah? It’s intentional lying. LOTS of people are doing this now, with videos or with news reports that are OBVIOUSLY false.


Is there’s room for error and confusion? Duh!? Of course there is. And in the middle of it, sure some bad info gets mixed in. But what I’m talking about is deliberate misleading information. If you’re part of it, you know who you are. Stop it.

 “At the end no one can deny the NEW face of a dead or injured or crackdown and beating whenever it may have happened” David ET

What if they post a new video of Neda but from the back and from an angle that you can’t really identify it’s her. And then, they post July 7 to it. Would you like that? That’s lying. It would be intentional. And it would be wrong. Not to mention totally disrespectful to those who passed on. Maybe this example clarifies it a bit. I’m not talking about sharing old news or footage. That’s fine. But for god’s sake don’t email it to everyone saying “hey man look at what happened in Shiraz yesterday”.

Like the blog says don’t post new dates on old stuff. Put the real date. It won’t make it any less interesting or relevant.

Ok there are no rules on the internet so maybe it should be the honor system. If you aren't sure about something that's ok. But if something is an obvious lie, just delete it. And if someone is sending some old video saying it's new facts, delete it.



by Anonymouse on

Making up news and spreading news after election day was like making phone pranks in the past.  So many of them, here's some I witnessed while there:

1. Rafsanjani and Khatami went to see Khamenei and after their visit Rafsanjani ordered people to pour to the streets.  So it's been decided that Rafsanjani should leave the country.

2. Rafsanjani is under house arrest or Rafsanjani is taking over the leadership and replacing Khamenei

3. Mousavi has been arrested (this is daily)

4. Akhoonds are moving their money to swiss banks

5. Basij and Pasdaran head have been killed

and so on.  I doubt it is going to stop anytime soon. 

PS, I do not twitter or facebook or youtube.  I also do not have an iPod and listen to what is called RADIO but I do have CDs and one of these days am going to start buying/downloading individual (Iranian) songs to a CD.

Also, in Iran the new gig is to sell CDs with 100 - 130 songs per CD for about 1,000 - 2,000 tomans, about $2. We put one of those CDs in the car when we left Shomal for Tehran and it lasted all day long!

Everything is sacred.