Top ten reasons why I was overcharged by taxi drivers

by varjavand

Top ten reasons given by Tehran’s taxi drivers for overcharging me

I turned on the music just for you

You don’t want to be in the backseat without air conditioning in this weather

My meter is outmoded; it shows last year’s fare.

Traffic is horrible

We add special surcharge on holidays

I give the extra money to charity on your behalf

I am sick and tired of being branded as an honest law-abiding driver

I got you to your destination in one piece

I let you choose the path toward your destination

I have to go begging for money on the street if I charge you the official rate.

I had to set my meter on out-of-country rate since you are coming from the United States

Don’t you want to have interesting stories to tell when you return to the US?


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Dear Commenters

by varjavand on

 Dear Commenters;

Thanks for your comments; this was meant to be a humorous post. Please don’t draw any serious conclusion based upon its contents.



Reagrdless of the reason taxi fares are still cheap in Iran.

by Anonymouse on

You can get a dar-bast (charter taxi) from Tehran to Shomal (North Caspian region) with about $30 or less, as of this spring.  If you don't mind sitting next to additional riders (not chartered) it can be 1/3 or less.

Same with in Tehran routes.  About $5 chartered and about $1 for public with 4 - 5 passengers.

Of course these rates can be high for those in Iran with less spending money but for us going there for visits and with Dollar very cheap. There are other modes of public transportation for those who live there and it can be cheap if you take them like $0.5 or less.

Everything is sacred


Very Funny...

by Midwesty on

Enjoyed it!


Top reason you and money make bad partners for life

by i_support_khamenie on

1. Telling your Cabbie that you are arriving from US instead of Pakistan. 

What you thought?  Trying to make a connection after a long lonely journey?  He wasn't even listening to half of what you were saying.


"Intellectuals" don't do taxi

by Fred on

The bright side of it is those “intellectuals and academics” who were lucky enough to be chosen by the Islamist Rapists to have a bit paid part in the expat propaganda show did not have to be bothered with desperate taxi drivers.

It pays to be open minded “intellectual” and for the good of the country mingle with the enemies of Iran and Iranians and get paid for it too.


Out of service

by comrade on



ای جناب ورجاوند جان، شمام دیگه داری ماشا الله زیادی مته به خشخاش
میذاری. آخه پدر جون انصافم خوب چیزیه. چطوره که اون راننده بنده خدا با چن
سر عائله و اجاره خونه و هزار گرفتاری دیگه باید با هر نرخی که دولت اسلام
پناه واسش تعیین میکنه بسازه و دم نزنه که چیه؟ که (لال بشم اگه قصد اسائه
ادب داشته باشم، بنده خودمو عرض می‌کنم) داشتم می‌گفتم خدمتت، که چیه ؟ که
من پفیوز فرصت طلبِ یا خودم ...نده، یا زنم ...نده به عنوان فرهیخته با
بلیت هواپیما مجانی‌ و خرج هتل و پذیرایی‌ و فلان و بیسار دارم به ریش این 
ملت همیشه در صحنه میخندم، و بعدشم  حتی حاضر نیستم به شکرانه گشاده دستی‌
سربازان گمنام امام زمان یه انعامی کف دست این راننده تاکسی بذارم. من
میدونم که شما آقایید و به هر حال بنده نواز...بنده خودم رو و امثال خودمو
عرض کردم...

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."


bajenaghe naghi

varjavand jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thank you they were all really funny. I specially liked the last two.