Lies, Lies, and more Lies

Lies, Lies, and more Lies
by vildemose

When Lies Were Decreed as Truth...and a Nation Allowed Itself to Be Deceived.

A riveting historic tour-de-force, superbly in black and white. The rise of Islamic fascist as Media collaborated with the most reactionary segment of our society. . What we got was indescribable atrocities against humanity. How a willing but blinded nation applauded its war on humanity, which will soon lead them to devastating defeat, rubble, occupation, hunger, despair and a late awakening.


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Sadegh Bozorgmehr

Is this breaking news?

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

Question to the OP: Are you just now figuring out that IRI lies?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


revolution was a mistake and we would never recover from it 

The revolution was a horrible mistake. But never is a very long time. It will

and only time that Iranian had a freedom and democracy or at least we could say we were living in a country that was a very close to democracy was before

Not really; because people were still followers of Islamism. It took the revolution to show people how wrong they were. Resolution got us to see the hell of Islam.

I could see why still over 33 year some of fellow Iranian who still talk about Akhoond sharyati and other BS and still they follow and read and believe in those illiterate Akhoonds writings, , who is more educated you or the AKHOOND?,  This is sad someone with master degree and higher education follow illiterate akhoond.

Most people I know curse and mock Shariati. Yes a few stubborn revolutionaries go for his ***. People who follow him are beyond hope. Because they refuse to admit their mistake. I promise you one thing right now about him. Shariati will go down in infamy.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

در حکومت اسلامی دیکتاتوری وجود ندارد ... بجز ولایت مطلقه فقیه

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks dear Vildemos, for this blog and all your good work.

Gott nytt år!


Lost nation

by afshinazad on

1979 revolution was a mistake and we would never recover from it and only time that Iranian had a freedom and democracy or at least we could say we were living in a country that was a very close to democracy was before 1979, if you are thinking of full democracy, we will never see such a thing in Iran, otherwise you must be out of touch. Look at all the facts and signs and behaviours, all these indication of dictatorships to come.

I could see why still over 33 year some of fellow Iranian who still talk about Akhoond sharyati and other BS and still they follow and read and believe in those illiterate Akhoonds writings, who is more educated you or the AKHOOND?, This is sad someone with master degree and higher education follow illiterate akhoond.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Bahram G right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well said MRX1 is falling to the usual "we are terrible" hole. It is a trap that many fall into. There is nothing unusual about us. In America we know well that if you give people handouts they stop working. 

Any person is crazy not to take free stuff. The promisses of free oil money on their face made sense at the time. People thought "hey all this money and why not?". But a deeper examination shows you that it will not work.

  • People in power will never share the wealth. At least not very likely to. Not in Soviet Union and not in Iran. A few rich Arab nations like Kuwait do share some but only with a select few.
  • If you infuse that kind of money into the economy you create imbalances. At the minimum you get labor shortage and inflation. Why should anyone work if you get free money? Bad idea even when it is possible.

BTW: politicians here make the same promisses. "A chicken in ever pot" ... Yes people still go for it.

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

With due respect I disagree with one of your points-- calling Iranian people lazy. Disparaging ourselves in this blanket manner serves no good purpose other than promote self-hate. There is ample evidence that Iranians are no more lazy than any other people. As you may know, laziness, non-exertion to use a neutral term, is human's default mode and it can be a very good thing. It conserves energy, makes the person to find easier/effective ways of achieving the desired effect and much more. And yet there is this fact that Islamic ethos tend to instill a sort of laziness that can be pathological. Always saying INSHAALLAH and leaving it to god to make things happen. That's why Iran and other Islamic lands are swamped by hordes of non-productive people who keep relying on Allah to send them goodies in a basket from heaven. It never happens, but the deluded Islamists never give up.In short. To the extent that a person is acculturated in the nihilistic ethos of shiaism, to that extent he becomes less engaged in working his way in life. If anything to blame here is not the mass of Iranians, but the nihilistic, getting things for no effort mentality that Islam inculcates in people. Look at those Iranians who have freed themselves from the yoke of Islam and moved to places such as the US. They are among the top in hard/smart/successful groups. No. We don't carry a lazy gene. We carry the Islamic burden that slows us down and breaks our backs. Put down that burden and we can run with the best of them.


Best Caption

by MRX1 on

is the one that says 'don't buy a house we will make every one house owner' I    think stuff like this as well as alledged promise of  deleivering oil revenew house to housue was a the biggest selling point for khoemini and the ganag, not the  mumbo jumbo about islamic government, savak, marxist being free and so on.

Simply put it  people in Iran are quite lazy. Any one promising them any thing free  will automaticaly move up on the chart. Another interesting fact are the embesiles who wrote for these papaers ( not one  qustioned if these changes are even feasible) which proves the point that no one uses any logic there, only hot air, only symbolism with not much substance. I am guessign sadly nothing has changed in thirty some years.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: worst Iranians

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree about Shariati and Al Ahmad because they fooled people. They abused respect Iranians had for education and "intelligence" to ride them. The real devil was Shariati with his deliberate misleading of people. Today Abdolali Bazargan is cooking similar garbage. I watched him on youtube and was disgusted. Really hope people do not buy into this *** again. He was deliberately trashing pre-Islam Iran. Hatred of Kiaani Iran was oozing like puss from mouth.

Al Ahmad was a plain old xenophobe. With a tiny mind incapable of grasping beyond his provincial boundaries. Westorxification my foot! Did anyone force Iranians to sleep outside US embassy just to get a visa? If anyone was toxified it was Shariati and Al Ahmad and I call it "Islamotoxification". 

The rest are Mollahs and you don't expect anything different from them.

Bahram G

Oon Yaroo atre gul

by Bahram G on

So you were exposed to that creep in your youth and you read his writings yet you remained the gul that you are? That goes to prove your innate gem-like worth that protected you and retained you as a true human and a valued son of civilized Iran. That Shariati was one of a more successful AVAAM FARIB who deceived the good-hearted Iranians. Unfortunately, AVAAM FARIBI is the standard stock of Islamists, be they in turban or KOT SHALVAR. Kudos to you and all those worthy HAMVATANAAN who have resisted these charlatans.

Maryam khanum. Happy new year to you and all Iranians like you.


If there was a list of worst Iranians ever....

by AMIR1973 on

The Islamist cancer Shariati should appear on that list, along with Khomeini, Khalkhali, Al-e Ahmad, etc, etc


 Dear Maryam: The credit

by vildemose on

 Dear Maryam: The credit goes to DK who posted the link in the news section first. Thank you DK.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Maryam Hojjat

Vildemose, Thanks

by Maryam Hojjat on



by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

We've also accumulated a high level of experience and have built some very good infrastructure amongst the opposition (inside Iran and abroad). Both these elements shall be utilized to maximum capacity against IR.

In other words, stop whining.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

HTG: the highest levels of urban

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


And now we got the highest level of "Turban".

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Good morning Oon Yaroo Jan!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks for posting the Shariati stuff. I only take him in small doses :-)  The older I get less tolerance for BS I have. I might be able to take about half hour of him before needing a full cleansing of the mind.

smoked cigarettes who incited, encouraged, and championed terrorism and murder.  

I wish he smoked more and started and a younger age. Maybe would have spared us the pain. I'd have donated a carton of Oshno Vijeh a day to him.

Maryam Hojjat

IC members: Happy NEW YEAR &

by Maryam Hojjat on

All Islamists in IRAN during SHAH & after him including Shariati, Khtami, Khomeini, Mosavi, Karoubi, Rafsanjani and.... Other are POFUZEs & enemyies of IRAN & IRANIANS and its cultures.  Shame on all who has lived in IRAN and betrayed it.


Iranian revolution of '79 had the highest levels of urban

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

street demonstration combined with the most extensive rate of industrial actions (strikes, workers' takeover,...).

It was precisely due to such progressive features and the advanced level of organization that Khomini was brought in and  imposed by ayatollah BBC, et al to stifle and lead the movement astray.

After the Gudallope conference veryone basically knew who the "West" has invested in. That external support plus the religious-populist BS of shariati and such greatly increased the odds in favour of political islam.


Oon Yaroo

Good Morning VPK jan!

by Oon Yaroo on

I have read Shariati's books and listened to his tapes and as a teenager attended his Hosseinyeh Ershad so-called lectures.

Sample book titles:

1) Shahid' Shahed,

2) Bazgasht,

2) Haj,

3) Zaynab,

4) Maximum and other Western Fallacies,

5) Others..

Back in the 70's there was a rivalry between Akhoond Shariati & Akhoond Kaffi from Mashhad.

Akhoond Kaffi was the epitome of a backward KALEH KHAR to the point of declaring the act of having and watching a TV as a HARAM!

To neutralize Kaffi, the elements of Masjed and Hezbollah would introduce Shariati as an alternative who was supposedly educated in Europe and possessed some touch of ANN-tellectualism who also sprayed French cologne as opposed to Attr'e Ghomi! 

I think you were too kind to call Shariati a charlatan. Sharitai was indeed an Akhoond with KOTT-O-SHALVAR & a KERAVAT & smoked cigarettes who incited, encouraged, and championed terrorism and murder. 

Yes he would instigate the members of Mujahedin to perpetrate acts of violence against the Shah's regime, military officers, Americans, etc.

In my book Shariati was complacent in murder and other crimes against Iran and Iranians!


 Dear Oktaby: Excellent

by vildemose on

 Dear Oktaby: Excellent summary of fake, oghdehi, tortured, and  plagiarising Shariati.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Shariati

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well Okaby and HTG already responded so I don't have much to add. Other than I know Shariati did not invent VF. He just build the groundwork. Rotting minds and ideas of Iranian youth and preparing them for VF.

I am still amazed anyone believes a religious regime is anything but disaster. I respectfully challenge Mammad or anyone to prove me otherwise.

Regarding the "Great Revolution". It was "Great" in the damage it did. 



by oktaby on

What is usually more impulsive that calling Shariati a Charlatan (which is too kind of VPK) is gravitating to Shariati's made up stories and twisted mind.

I have read almost entirety of his works including his unfinished notes. His favorite work/character, Abuzar is essentially a total fabrication of a minor figure and elevating him to status of a hero in a fictional pile of made up lies and settings. His yet another fantastic work "Hossein" was almost more twisted and filled with figments of his imagination wrapped in heroism in juxtaposition to assults and insults made up by shariati himself.

He may not have created VF but he is without question an ideological and key influencer in creation of islamic regime. "If he were alive today, he would be in jail, or in exile" sounds cute but if anything it sounds like an excuse for those who still follow a miserably twisted and failed ideology. If my Aunt had testicles she'd be my uncle.

His own life in extreme synopsis: mollazadeh who ends up in Paris and European intellectual circles. Learns and absorbs what he could so he could create his made up utopian islam and then through Shah's erroneous approach to opening gets to Iran (and funded by many unknown resources) gets a free hand at Hosseiniyeh Ershad to lecture to a people who were too full and comfortable from the Shah's nation building and wanted to explore new horizon's and included plenty of leftist, liberals and islamists. I suspect you are one such. Meanwhile, shariati kept floating around the globe, writing his bs and building groundwork for khomeini et al. Much like many of his fiercest supporters who tend to be teachers and lecturers in Western universities and refuse to live in their islamic utopias even during "good" days of Khatami. He was killed (likely by islamists) in streets of London to create a hero and blamed on Shah and savak (which worked quite nicely). If you want a deeper dive on Shariati or others, let me know. You may learn a thing or two. Your heros khatami, Mousavi and rest of reformist are just variations of Shariati.

As for younger generation re-reading and discovering shariati, it is mostly a myth by you and the like. Even if true, it simply means that dead SOB is still destrying lives and minds from the grave thanks to IRR marketing. And claiming "informed" does not make you so. If anything your likes are dinosaurs who still believe in fossilized ideologies of hate and superiority and bigotry of Shariati et al.

There is a portion of Iranians who know the difference and smell rat, in any shape, form and from any location.Looks like Vilde's blog brought quite a few out crying foul.



The face of Charlatan

by Siavash300 on

"None of you - and I mean absolutely none of you - is willing to put Dr. Shariati in the context of HIS TIME IN THAT ERA: " Mammad 

The role model for our people in 1979 mess was Ali's life. Many people believed Ali was a socialist at his time and wanted to revive that concept. That notion was promoted by MEK. I had many friends from MEK in those days who supported Khomaini to come to power. They were organized underground militia who perceived Ali's life as a role model. I was receiving their flyers almost every week during 70's. Even Shariati promoted that concept in his writing and in his speech in 60's. I remember it was in 1968 following Shariati's speech in Hosaineyah Ershad. His lecture was provoking people against shah. Right after the speech every one was on street chanting against shah on Jadeh Ghadem e Shimran. It was a big mess. Traffic was overwhelming. I remember that day very vividly. He was talking about Ali versus monarch sush as Namrood who was oppressive legendary king. Ali became symbol of fight against shah and monarchy system. That was one of the main reason majority of people voted "Yes"  to Islamic republic, not one word more, not one word less as khomainie was saying in those days. I wish I had access to time machine to go back to that day and jump on the microphone in Hossaineh Ershad and say it loudly: this man is charlatan. your offspring is going to be killed and raped by true believer of Ali in Evin prison next 20 years. "Aree encheneen will be bood brother".

I still think all shah's opponents (if they are still alive),  should come forward and apology from our nation. Their confession to their mistakes will help Iranian people to know what direction they should go now.  


Every "great revolution" has a "great revolutionary leader"

by AMIR1973 on

And in the case of the "great revolution" that established what is far and away the most violent, bloodthirsty and repressive regime in recent Iranian history, that "great revolutionary leader" was none other than Emam Khomeini. Without the "great revolution" there would not be the tens of thousands of Iranians executed by the IRI, the hundreds of thousands of Iranians killed in the war prolonged for 6 years by the "great revolutionary leader", and the millions of Iranians who fled their homeland. Now, that is truly a "great revolution"!


Have you actually read Dr. Shariati's writings?

by Mammad on

I am sure most of you have not, but attack him impulsively, just for the heck of it, because it is chic, or for whatever reason that you may have. None of you - and I mean absolutely none of you - is willing to put Dr. Shariati in the context of HIS TIME IN THAT ERA: Communism was the worldwide way of liberation movements, including in Iran, and Dr. Shariati tried to come up with an alternative. And, unlike what you pretend, Dr. Shariati had no role in the creation of the VF regime. If he were alive today, he would be in jail, or in exile.

It is not a question of not criticizing or even attacking Dr. Shariati. He, like the rest of us, made mistakes. Many of his ideas are totally outdated now. It is, however, a question of criticizing him or even attacking him as an INFORMED commentator, not because it feels good to attack a Muslim thinker, or it is chic, or whatever.....I can say with near certainty that most, if not all, of you have not read a page of his writings.

You VPK call Dr. Shariati a "charlatan." How much do you know about him? Of the 30,000 pages that he wrote in his short life, how many have you read? I am sure that it is either zero or very little at best.

But, I have news for you: In addition to the fact that some of Iran's best CURRENT children who are in jail for their democratic struggle against the VF regime - people who you supposedly admire in this website - are believers in Dr. Shariati, rereading of his books has surged in Iran over the past decade. Eat your heart out, guys!

Finally, just adding a quote by someone at the end of a comment does not make one a thinker. It takes much more than that!



 Dear GR: Actually, I'm

by vildemose on

 Dear GR: Actually, I'm glad we have this twisted honesty on record. We are lucky and should take this criminal words at face value without falling prey to propaganda by his cohorts or to  allow any wiggling room for his sympathizer to concoct some damage control in the future. 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Shariati never finished his studies in France. He never had a PhD, never was a "Doctor."

Khomini was a low ranking clergy, elevated by Shariatmadary to save him from execution, in 1979 he was never known as "Imam," after taking over of the embassy all this "Imam" vocab began to spread.

The Mose, thanks for the link. I get my daily kos also at home. Cheers

P.S. Right now the only reality I belive in, is this Cholokabab that I just finished, and it tastes so fine, I juss rest my case! shab khosh

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No vendetta but be honest

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I do not want vendetta but Shariati and Khomeini should be discussed. The first was a charlatan that sold the ideal of mixing religion and government. The second was a plain criminal who should be identified as one.

Remember the Nazi hunters went after the Nazi and we should do the same. It is very important for people to know what damage those two did. So they do not fall again to the siren call of such people. If not we risk making the same mistakes.

Iranian people respect education and learning. Shariati abused his "doctor" position to fool people. It is unforgivable. Khomeini abused his position as a trusted religious man. We must never trust one just because they are "Dr" or "Imam".

G. Rahmanian

No Wonder The Attacks by

by G. Rahmanian on

No Wonder The Attacks by mullah lovers on opposition. As I posted below, Mousavi and Karrubi are opposing the status quo and not the totalitarian Islamist rule. To Mousavi, like his Imam, Iranians and their democratic aspirations are not of any significance. The only difference between Mousavi and Khomeini is that Mousavi is telling us right upfront he has plans to take Iranians back to the hellhole Khomeini created for them. Such vile "honesty" is only befitting a criminal who seems to have confidence in his own powers. Mousavi's confidence, though, is only based on his misinterpretation of the events that followed the fraudulent presidential election of June 2009. He either deliberately or out of sheer ignorance of the situation in Iran misconstrues such events. He does not seem to have grasped the simple fact that millions of people took to the streets of major Iranian cities to protest regime's totalitarian rule and the fraudulent election was only an excuse. What triggers uprisings is not always the real cause. What happened in Tunisia is a good example.

Bahram G

Hilarious Oon Yaroo jaan

by Bahram G on

I know you said this in jest, simply to portray what kind of justice would be commensurate to their crimes. What kind of punishment would be a fair retribution to mass murderers such as Khalkhali, Khomeini, and Khamenei? Eternal infamy and shame would be the punishment they richly deserve.

P.s. You exude beautiful energy, a great sense of original humor, and abiding devotion to what is best for your homelands--- Iran and the US. And I also sense your commitment to all that is good for all mankind. Many thanks, my worthy compatriot.


Tarreh jan: Good idea. I

by vildemose on

Tarreh jan: Good idea.

I think you would like this article:


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.