by Yaasi

We Iranians are bunch of liars, traitors, cowards, careless, selfish and opportunist people. Look at our history except for Achaemenids and Sasanian empires that we can claim we’ve had dignity and pride all the others were just bunch of self serving murderers with an abundance of treasons and theft in the government. I was just listening to IRAN news and watched in horror the number of people who were collectively hailing Khomeini on the streets of Tehran back in 70’s and walking all over each other to touch the hand of Evil who was laughing inside and saying “Khak bar saretoon” and to further show his devious and careless inner self he announces “I feel NOTHING” about going to Iran, but we still cheered him and his truthful words fell upon our deaf ears……

Let’s be honest we gave up our great Zoroastrian religion to get Islam in return. We cheered when the British abdicated Reza Shah. We exchanged Shah for Khomeini. We ruin Pasargadae to face Jamkaran, give the hidden Imam our hard earned money to help us attain our dreams. We voted for Islamic Republic without knowing what calamity we will be bestowing upon ourselves and thus suffering for 30 years.

In the nation with 57 million population five million of us greeted him when he arrived to the airport and after ten years of atrocities, war, inflation, death, torture, imprisonment when he dies 10 million of us go to his funeral and walk over each other to touch his coffin. I don’t know what other than inanity and absurdity do you call that.

We endured and served Arabs for as long as we’ve had. We served those dirty Kalifes, we let the nomads to treat us like dirt and call us Ajam instead of Persians. We let them take us as their slaves and sell or buy us in the open markets. We tolerated that for 500 plus years without an opposition or remonstration. Then we tolerated the Mongolians for another 300 years. In a way I am thankful to them if it wasn’t for their invasion and kicking the Arabs out of Iran we would have become another Iraq.

We are a nation that for every hero we produce we generate 100 traitors to kill the hero. Look at us now we are still scared to totally defy this dirty government because we are superstitious and gullible, we still accept Mousavi who is nothing but an opportunist who hasn’t defied Velayat Faghih, or Karrubi who is another Akhund. Our daughters and sons are getting tortured, raped and killed in prisons, yet with free food and soda we completely forget and ignore the atrocities and scream “Khamenei rahbar”. Or like Niloofar an anti governments protester said (refer to Washington Post)

“she has always been dissatisfied with the Islamic republic, but she does not favor an overthrow of the religious system.

"We need reforms, not complete chaos. Our demands should not go too far; otherwise we will face extremists who might lead the country to civil war,"

Fear of defying a bad government for getting a worse replacement in its absurdity. The Niloofars of Iran had never lived under a non-religious government so they can’t possibly know any better. Iran’s problem is not new, it’s rooted in the canvas of our lives, and each time a different painter paints the same scenery with a same brush until another painter takes over.

Yes this is us and we have a long way to learn the meaning of democracy and freedom. We always replaced a traitor with another and became subservient without a voice for a long period of time until we ran out of patience and bring another tyrant.


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This goes way too far.........

by 11mashty on

Yaasi, this goes way too far.  Yes, we have had more than our share of traitors over our history.  But let's not forget we have produced some of the best in medicine, science, mathematics, litarature, humanities and of course poetry.  Do you realize where the world of medicine would be without Razi?  Or Astronomy without Khayaam?  How about math which we played a huge part in developing.  Remember the ancient Greek took much of their advances from us, including significant parts of their so-called early form of democracy.  Like many here, I have lived in multiple countries and speak several languages; so I am familiar with many cultures on more than a superficial way.  I am extremely proud to call myself Iranian and always will be.  Don't let temporary setbacks caused by a bunch of mullahs change your perception of who you are......if you allow that to happen, you have already lost.