OMID: Larijani resigns


BBC: Ali Larijani's resignation is a complete surprise, and very significant. As Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, he has been a key figure in attempts to broker a compromise with the West over Iran's nuclear programme. His departure could be the start of a major shift in policy. It is an open secret in Tehran that Mr Larijani has had big differences with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over how to proceed over the nuclear programme. Like almost everyone in Iran, Mr Larijani supports the programme>>>

10/21/2007 - 02:12


what happend?

by MRX (not verified) on

did his masters in Engalnd told him it's time to go? no one will miss this piece of garbage...

Kaveh F


by Kaveh F on

Your Larijani looks like Masoud Rajavi  :)))))