OMID: Behind walls


Much progress has been made! We now hang with cranes behind walls!


TEHRAN (AFP) — The rights group run by Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi on Monday protested at the hanging by Iran of 29 criminals in a mass execution and said it doubted the convicts had been given a fair trial>>>

07/28/2008 - 13:54


ba in gush konin

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Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

I thought of a few other names for the sign, but at the end I decided the name should be exactly as it actually is. Some people may not know, they call it bazdastgah, they don’t even call it zendaan.

Omid Hast


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I love Tray Chapman’s songs. I especially love “Give Me One Reason" and “New Beginning”.


There is no need to walk alone. I used to walk alone but now I have imaginary cyber friends.

Omid Hast

Wow Kouroush!

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When I read your poem, the first time, I assumed it was from you imagining children playing there before it was turned into a prison. You being in Evin area with your grandmother is just amazing. You are a great poet; I think you wrote this poem on the spot as soon as you saw the drawing. That's just great.



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Rosie T.

ks...king solomon...

by Rosie T. on

the boulevard of broken dreams...

Kouroush Sassanian

Gholgolee and Omid: I

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Gholgolee and Omid:

I spent many days at my grandmother's house in Evin. I became very famaliar with Evin at every season. I explored the village, the mountains, the narrow alleys, and streams.  I rode horses at the Shaki Stables.  I even adopted two stray puppies that were separated from their mother near a "kharabeh." [Ruins] Of course, this is before every inch was turned into "borj." 

Two years ago, I asked a friend to take photographs of Evin.  I did not recognize many of the photographs, but I could see from one of the photos taken near the Mosque that the Evin Prison walls had been extended.  The IRI needs more room to slaughter and torture.

Anyway, my poem was based on my broken memories fading fast only to be replaced with the news.

Rosie T.

Oh god Kouroush it's so gorgeous Omid, afarin!

by Rosie T. on

ks, why don't you send it in as an article, you know jj publishes poems as articles. i'm sure he would.  maybe omid could provide a new graphic for it??? or you could upload one, yuo're good with graphics, i can tell by your images in the poems and your avatar. foaad gave us instructions recently on how to upload the images.


actually i thnk yu need a more lyrical image, ks. like a tree with sunshine and a swing....a photograph...

it's funny i don't know if you saw it, i just wrote a silly little satirical piece on ahamdinejad yesterday (mahmood and me) nd i said if i lived in tehran i'm sure i would call evin prison home.

i was talking about zara kazemi today to a friend of mine.  i was really connecting, i was crying, did you know that the doctor who had to examine her when they finally brought her in while she was almost dead eventually "defected" out of Iran, he was just a very ordinary guy but he was so horrified by the tortures and the mutiliations that he saw on her that he couldn't stay in the IRI.  I saw an interview with him.

i think after the scandal it caused because of the canadian intervention they stopped torturing as much as they used to but now they execute much more. and of course as omid has explained the crane executions are in themselves a form of torture. it was good to be able to connect with all of it. and really feel it and remember what it was that drew me to iran and why i came here and so forth. i haven't beeen able to access any of that lately...well..i'm writing one more time on wednesday. i'm gonna leave my e-mail then for anyone who wants to be in touch with both know the score...and it ain't vivaldi...nope, not vivaldi...

rosie tozieh

explanation of torture


Amazing title; "behind walls"

by ThePope on

"Much progress has been made! We now hang with cranes behind walls!"(lol) But so true.

Omid, great job.

PS: The entrance signboard: "koshtaargaah-e Evin" instead of "baazdaashtgaah-e..."!!!? What'd you think??


More human sufferig!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Living in Iran is bad enough.Now they are creating fear among people.instead of being steady in protecting the public they let things go out of hand and when people start complaining then all of the sudden they hang so many people in a single day to let them know that they take care of bad guys. If their reason for hanging so many people is to teach criminals,they do not learn.If they want to create fear for public they could be right.

Omid Hast

I can’t help it,

by Omid Hast on

I cry every time I draw a hanging by crane.

Omid Hast

Thank you Kouroush

by Omid Hast on

…for your beautiful and sad poem.

Azarin Sadegh

I don't know...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Omid Jan,

Original, provocative and daring! I especially liked it when it reflected the image of real hanging people on the first page of

Excellent work, as usual!

I just don't know whether to laugh or cry... Azarin


Kouroush Sassanian

My Summer house

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Eyes drawn to the end of the school year:

Evin beckoned with tall trees, swaying in the wind,

summer house of love and play,

Toot trees abundant, some ran red - some ran white,

All dangled were the sounds of children swaying with love,

hear the cracking of walnuts, green skinned stained your hands,

hear the cracking bones, stained red -stained souls,

Evin the summer house of love and play,

Bodies like pendulums - still in Summer's heart,

swaying in the summer house  of love and play.