OMID: Cell Phone

07/09/2008 - 10:46

Omid Hast

Too benign!

by Omid Hast on

With war drums beating ever louder every day, there are some people in this “cyber village” that feel that the type of cartoons I draw is not wise and insulting to THEIR intelligence. One even accused me of aiding the enemies of Iran in their preparation for an attack, as if they are sitting around and waiting for me to express my feelings before they push on the button. It does not matter to them that I am against ALL wars, all invaders, and all human cruelty. But then they advise me to draw cartoons for those subjects, not what I want to draw.

So, I don’t know. I just wanted to draw something as benign as two cells having a funny exchange. The editor did not find it suitable for the front page, since it is too benign, I guess. I don’t think anyone would object to this cartoon, accept maybe the neutrophils who would immediately attack the cells.


Very cute :)

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Although this one didn’t appear in the tool bar, I think it is very cute. :)