OMID: Love at first sight


-- "You're eye is so sexy."
-- "You're turban is very sexy too."

05/24/2008 - 07:06


مهدی سلگی

مهدی سلگی (not verified)

اين آرزوي من است که در ايران مثل اکثر کشور هاي جهان اين حق به ما داده شود که آزادانه با همجنس خودمان ازدواج کنيم و لذت ببريم

Omid Hast

Doctor Alborzi,

by Omid Hast on

You brought up the issue of sexy hejab as if we are ignorant of the struggle of Iranian women for equal treatment under the law. I turned it into a "simple question" and throw it in your court. You did not answer the "simple question". So hear it is again in a different form: are the Iranian women that challenge the IRI regime with their attire acting Islamic or un-Islamic? And, whatever answer you give, do you condemn the IRI regime for mistreatment of Iranian women?

If you ask me that question I would tell you that if the worst of IRI supporters have their way, women will be reduced to exposing only ONE of their eyes and at the same time they will be not allowed to look at men "if it arises sexual passion within them", Khomeini. You can not possibly be attributing Iranian women's struggle for equal rights under the law as if it has anything to do with Islam, since sexy hejab and Islam can not possibly go hand in hand.

Now for the rest of the issues you have brought up:

* one can not possibly equate mehrieh of 1400 years ago with modern day family protection laws. Take the example of two university students that fall in love in medical school. For love she marries the man for a single gold coin (mehrieh). Ten years later, they have a house together but she has dropped out of medical school years ago because she got pregnant and now they have a couple of kids together, and maybe pregnant again, and her doctor husband is sick of her now. He has a lot of nurses at his disposition that are more than willing to become the next wife. You tell me that if the husband pays her one gold coin mehrieh, it's fair for him to take the house, the kids, and everything else? Is that justice under Islamic law?

* Almost all Middle Eastern countries are Islamic, so if you don't like them you're defeating your own argument.

* Darfur and Somalia's mistreatment of women is barbaric, does that mean we have to support IRI regime because they don't rape and circumcise women (although they did force women to marry them before they were executed, the worst kind of rape under the threat of death)? What about circumcision of men? Do we have to support or oppose IRI because they're in support of circumcision of men?

* I have never denounced any religion. It is not my business what kind of idiotic religion a person wants to believe in to make him/herself happy. It is the governments that make their religion the law of the land that I have a problem with. What if one day dildo worshipers take over the government? Are we supposed to behave according to their dildo worshiping laws?

* Jesus was NOT "the first non-violent advocate in the world", but I take it that you're a supporter of non-violent struggle for social change.

* When the Syracuse police regularly beat and arrested blacks, did the blacks take it laying down without any opposition, or did they eventually win their struggle for equal rights?

Please try not to patronize me.



by Mazloom on

I just watched the video that showed a girl being beaten up by the morality police.  I concur, she was wearing a sexy hejab.


You must be a Shahi

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I need to reply to this too, I would just ignore it because its too simplistic, but an innocent reader may get the idea that there was no answer. Anyway the answer is too simple, (hopefully its not too brief for your intelligence), The Iranian girls are too sophisticated and can substitute their attributes for a foreign caricature


Answers to your simplistic questions

by Alborzi (not verified) on

As they say, when some thing appears too simple think hard and challenge the crowd. Islam is very advanced in the treatment of women and divorce. It has approached these quite easy and does try to avoid creating the Victorian puritanical image. They introduced mehrieh which is exactly a prenuptual more than 1300 years ago. Now in many of Middle Eastern countries they subjugate women, in Darfur they rape them, In somalia they circumsize and sow the genitals. The first time I saw it I threw up, but denouncing the religion because of such savagery is plain stupid. Its like denouncing Christianity because of Iraq war. In fact Jesus was the first non violent advocate in the world.
Now about the police in Syracuse, its interesting you mention, they regularly beat and arrest blacks when I was there. Years later the mayor (Lee Alexander) was jailed for corruption.
Beware of simple conclusion. Simple minds like simple conclusions.


to Alborzi

by old fashion girl in redwood (not verified) on

If what you say about Iranian girls: "wearing the hejab sexier than anywhere else" and "They're more in tune with French fashion designers.." is true, then it means that they'have chosen as their role model the superficial Barbie kind of girls (= mentally blond!).
And this is this exact problem I found in Iranian society...everyone has become materialistic and superficial and it is nothing to be proud of.

Omid Jan, your cartoon is great and don't listen to some of these comments. Keep up the good job...your fan


Not only Hejab & Sex

by Troneg on

I liked your picture and it is accurate when you remember Bani Sadre told women hair provide some "special" waves !

Of course some women are resisting by challenging IRI with "sexy Hejab" but it is only in North of Tehran and they are arrested frequently.

It is more than Hejab & Sex. Recently my wife needed to reissue her passport and she needed me to authorize her to travel to Iran ! and when somebody is dead, girls receive less than boys! Women are not equal to men in Islamic laws. It is a fact more humiliant than Hejab and nobody tell it. Arabie Saudi and other Islamic countries are also concerned.

Omid Jan, You should also do a picture about these aspects  

Omid Hast

So Doctor Alborzi

by Omid Hast on

When “the Iranian girls wear their hejab sexier than anywhere else“, is that Islamic or anti-Islamic? And when they wear it the way you described it, is it unreasonable to say that Police arresting girls in Iran/Tehran for the way they dress is an immoral act which has to be condemned? Are the video clips that are being posted in ‘youtube’ a Western media conspiracy, or is it a grass root attempt to expose IRI regime‘s cruelty?

Am I imagining things implanted in my head by Western media, or are these videos real?

Did the police in Syracuse raided the Irish bar, that you went to meet Irish girls, and beat the crap out of the girls?

Nobody knows what they don’t know, including you.




You are stereo typing

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its funny, the westerners have an unreal view of Iran (or at least there is one being used on the media), you are slowly but surly falling for that image. The Iranian girls wear the hejab sexier than any where else. They are more in tune with French and other designer clothes than at least the American girls in our redneck of woods. It reminds me of "Coleman's
" bar in Syracuse. Its an Irish bar, good place to meet Irish girls (I used to date some when I was in school there) , but their image of Irland is far from the real people of Dublin. You do not know what you do not know.

Omid Hast

Dorood Zarf Nashoor,

by Omid Hast on

Did you quit your dish washing job? Is that why you are wishing to put on a turban? Do you know you’ll be arrested for impersonating an akhood if you don’t have proper credential for it? Stay with washing dishes, you’ll get your woman in 3-4 years. I promise.

P.S. Why is the word “####y” censored? What is it supposed to be?

Omid Hast

Which part is anti Muslim?

by Omid Hast on

There are only seven main elements in this drawing. By telling us, in your opinion, which part in Islamic or anti-Islamic I believe this argument will resolve itself:

the man's attire............Islamic.........anti-Islamic

his face........................Islamic.........anti-Islamic

the woman's attire........Islamic.........anti-Islamic

her ONE eye................Islamic.........anti-Islamic

his desire to touch.......Islamic.........anti-Islamic

falling in love...............Islamic.........anti-Islamic


If you think liberal West is obsessed with sex and sexuality, you better think again. Start by reading Explanation of Problems by THE leader of ISLAMIC revolution (vomit).


Very good

by Mazloom on




Not Anti-Moslem

by Bunyip on

Dear Anonymous-haha, unfortunately you have confused "anti-akhoond"ism with "anti-moslem"ism. What the akhoonds and their lackies are doing in Iran is not Eslam.


when an anti-Muslim cartoon

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

is considered as a piece of art, we know that we lived in a world where sex and sexuality must be viewed through the liberal-western lenses.


I wish I was ####y,

by bekar but zarf nashoor (not verified) on

salam mr. omid hastesh, yes indeed, you gave me omid right now,
hey, I am ready to put on that turban if she tells me that word and .....! hehehehehe

it was very ba mazeh cartoon. Ok, I'll go back on my zarf shoory thesis..


Che loos!

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Che loos!


very funny

by MRX1 (not verified) on

keep up a good work.



by Translator (not verified) on

"Your eye is very sexy"
"Your turban is very sexy too"

Omid Hast

Love IRI style

by Omid Hast on

If the worst of them have their way, women will be reduced to exposing only ONE of their eyes, at the same time they are not supposed to look at men "if it arises sexual passion within them". So the only thing that is left to look at and fall in love in an Islamic regime is one eye and items of clothing.

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

Love is in the aire :-)


women would be that Lucky to see their mate

by shirazie (not verified) on

Unfortunately is small villages. It does not get this far. The parents make back deal rooms ( just like Republican)s

Why are we so abusive to our Mothers and sisters? Is it because we - the man- are weak creatures?