OMID: More Squat Toilets


According to a report in Le Figaro, twenty years from now Islam will become the majority religion in the Belgian capital, Brussels, seat of the European Union, NATO, and several other international organizations. [بروكسل تا 20 سال آينده مسلمان مي‌شود]

03/28/2008 - 01:02

Omid Hast

Dear Doctor, try some humor!

by Omid Hast on

So what of it that "you enjoy cutting people"?! The man told you that "Iranians are good because they enjoy cutting people", and you have been carrying this animosity for all these years?! You don't explain much, but you want us to read your mind, or the story in between the lines? What he said sounds to me like he was attempting, unsuccessfully, some humor rather than being hateful. You don't seem to have any sense of humor because you say "you hate idiotic" talks. Maybe you should get off your high horse and give it a try.  It's good for your health more than squat toilet.

By the way, legislating morality always create unwanted consequences for the governments who create them. In case of IRI, some people now keep dogs for pets, have wild parties in their homes, create underground music, use "farrangi" toilets, and so on and so forth, just to make a point that they are different than their rulers.

And one more thing, you are not doing me a favor by posting your opinion here for the first or the last time.


Just this time

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Just to clarify some points. The reference was that I enjoyed cutting people.
On squat toilets, I cannot use it anymore because of my age but in fact its the preferable way. Even though AIDs cannot be transmitted by the seat, in fact even transmission of syphilis and gonorrheas is disputed, herpes and salmonella can be transmitted . Just like the Japanese bowing to each other, squat toilets are more hygienic and should not be rejected just because its not western. Just think for your self.

Omid Hast

Doctor Alborzi,

by Omid Hast on

You claim that you don't like stereo typing, yet you present us with a stereo type patient of yours that we don't know anything about, and you decline to give us the whole story. "These Iranians are good because they enjoy it", out of context, what is it supposed to mean? I'm assuming he is an older white American man that is supposed to be racist! You have left a lot of explanations behind. Was this man aware that you're Iranian, either before or after his operation? I'm sure he didn't know before hand or he'd made a fuss about it, and you'd mention it here for sure. I'm pretty much sure he thanked you for the operation not knowing you were Iranian, or if he knew he chose to express his opinion anyway, the way he saw it. Did you expect him to say something else other than what he really thought about the situation in Iran, or did YOU think he should speak differently than what he was actually thinking, the way a lot of Iranians do? And, what do you find to be wrong with saying "these Iranians are good because they enjoy it"? Was this in reference to your skill as a surgeon, meaning you are a good surgeon because you enjoy your profession?! Or, was it in reference to something else, like the American hostage crisis, saying the Iranians are enjoying the charade. Or, was it when the IRI send thousands of under aged recruits to the front to be used as mine sweepers, saying Iranian were enjoying the sacrifices that they have to make to save their country?!

Either way it appears that the man expressed his opinion in front of his wife and you, without any regard to his obligation towards you as a patient, and ever since that moment you have been caring this story with you and have told it many times to justify your own dislike of a few "stereo type" people. And if that is the case that you're so dismayed by such an event in your life, why just go for visit to Iran to make observation on their plumbing practices. Why not offer your expertise as a skillful surgeon that can remove all cancerous tissues of a dieing patient in one operation to the people of Iran that need it the most. They would be grateful to you for saving their lives, and willing to change their mind to suit yours.

According to the report by the Le Figaro, the demography of Brussels is changing to an Islamic one. I think the number of squat toilets will increase also, whether they are being used in Italy, Japan, or anywhere else.

Speaking of hypocrisy, any time spouse of an Iranian citizen wants to visit Iran, they have to convert to Islam first, because IRI doesn’t recognize marriage of a Muslim to a non-Muslim to be legal. One of my friend’s wife is a proud atheist, but she converted to Islam as a tactical move so she can visit Iran with her husband. Another friend’s wife is a non-practicing Christian and she did the same thing. My brother’s wife is a Catholic and refuses to convert to Islam and she has never attempted to visit Iran, even though they have been married for about twenty years. Am I making too much stereo typing, or is it true that any time one on these “Westerners” convert to Islam, IRI proudly add another number to their statistics and claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA.

Either way, Muslims and squat toilet go hand in hand.


another stereo type

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You know back in 1976 there were more of those in Iran last year
when I went to Iran again, most houses had the "farangi" toilets. Now
if you want squat toilet go to Florence, Italy, you would never expect, but at least in historical buildings thats what they have. Its just how they talk of Iran, you guys KNOW its all a bunch of bull. It reminds me of a patient, I saved his life by removing all cancerous tissues, he told his wife in front of me, these Iranians are good because they enjoy it. I hate idiotic speak.


I hate squat toilets... I

by outhouse (not verified) on

I hate squat toilets... I feel as if I amy fall in any moment... now, wouldn't that be fun???!!


Haj you're fully of it

by Anonyedagain (not verified) on

What HAJI, and you are so CLEAN yourself? You know the expression, "People in glass houses..."


are life is more dirty as they are

by hajiagha on

In new years I will add my comment of Shaheid page Avini and Sobh to educate Iranian in Iran western life canadian life is dirty life

فرهنگ خارجی فرهنگ ویران کننده خانواده هاست ما چگونه حاضر می شویم باعث ویرانی ایران و خانواها شویم مثلا همین فر هنگ خوب نوروز اگر به پارتی غربی و عرق خوری فحشا و موادمخدر تبدیل بشود ه خواهد شد دیگر نوروز زیبائی ندارد...ما که نبا ید خود و فرهنگ خوب خودمان را با فرهنگ زشت غربی عوض کنیم وقتی مادر معتاد دیروز در محل کار من دو دختر خرد سال زیبا را برای دزدی از مغازه ها تعلیم می داد از کجا برای فروش سکس این کار را نکند  و قتی دکتر برای داشتن سکس با دختر ١٣ ساله گرفتار شو و خبر تلویزیون می شود و..و یا عکس ....برای دیگرا روی اینتر نت می گذارد...من در حال جمع کردن نامهی کامپیتری و..برای فیلم هستم اینها دیوانه روانی هستند ..کانادا که کشور جهان سوم و فقیر نیست برای چی مواد مخدر مجازات ندارد و شده محل کاسبی دولت کانادا..و اگر ایران قاچاق فروش رو دار می زنند شما برای انها گریه می کنید متا سفانه من مجبورم راه خودم رو از شما جدا کنم و بههمان حکومت اسلامی قانع شوم دنیای امروز دنیای ٣٠ سال پیش نیست اقا پر از کثافت کاری زشتی است..شو جری اسپرین فر رو مگر ندیدید خانواده امریکا ئی ها...یا شو های دیگر


I prefer squat toilet anyday :)

by پیام on

I prefer squat toilet anyday :)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Heee hee heee hooo :o))))