OMID: No on security pact


Asia Times: Amid a rising chorus of internal opposition to a proposed long-term United States-Iraq security agreement, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki visited Tehran at the weekend to address Iran's concerns about the matter and, simultaneously, to improve the security and military component of Iran-Iraq relations. This is bound to further complicate the US's effort to nail this agreement before the end of the year, when the United Nations mandate for the presence of "coalition forces" in Iraq runs out>>>

06/16/2008 - 12:55


Anonymouseeeeeeeeeeeeee jan,

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I’m sorry, I was teasing you with my previous statement. Smile and take it easy... :)



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Yes I know there are sex toys cartoons in the InternetS, but they are neither for Iranians or by Iranians.  Starting in 2002 featured sex toy cartoons, see.  Then due to some people complaining to JJ that these cartoons are not chic, and the cartoonist yekk-e bedooyeen on other issues, he left the building.

A little earlier Omid promised us some sexy cartoons (you did Omid, didn't you?) and he delivered one few days ago. I'm not obsessed, just used to seeing them in this website.  You may be new and this is actually an inside joke and hopefully the sex toy cartoonist will return one day!  He is acting like hidden Imam now!


Checkmate through Achmaz

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India rejected US advice on Iran in April(BBC) and within a month there was a bombing in Jaipur proving they were wrong.

In order to convince Maliki on security pact;
A series of heartbreaking bombings on Iraqi people and security forces will be taking place.
Insufficient impact? then a subject which lies dear in Iraqi's culture or religion will be targeted and finally Maliki himself will be disengaged.
Obviously all will be blamed on the region's destabilizer and there are enough pretexts to mobilize the ghoshoon for the new war and who cares anymore about the security pact.
It is a win-win situation for the security pact designer. ... Checkmate through Achmaz


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It seems you are so obsess with sex toys cartoon, did you know for that interest you can try other sites on the internetS :)


Good choice of words

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Good cartoon.  Are we going to see a mix of cartoons? i.e., one political and then one sex toys cartoon?!


Related to Iran

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Hi there,
Your carton is nice...

Unrelated to your carton, but something related to Iran ...

IRAN - Elements of Destiny (1)

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Ice Water Price in IRI??

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The same ice water people want for living under IRI!!
by Omid Neest