OMID: Olympic mistake


IHT: The Olympic torch arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday for the latest stage of its worldwide relay amid contradictory reports about whether the International Olympic Committee was considering cutting short the relay or amending its route after stops in London and Paris descended into chaos because of anti-China protests>>>

04/09/2008 - 08:57


Hajiagha draw cartoons of Iranians OUSIDE Iran

by Anonymouse on

You don't have to draw cartoons of Iran.  You can draw cartoons of Iranians outside Iran.  There is plenty to talk about ourselves.


this is all propaganda over china

by hajiagha on

because china going to became supper power country, look what Bush did to the Iraq why no one here to look after him, and why I don't like any more draw cartoons about Iran because Iran is great place for living and problems here with us . I don't like to sale my art work low or free to Bush liked


Good one

by Anonymouse on

The torch carrier doesn't look athletic! I can imagine him running like having his legs go right left front and his head does left right :-) The extras in the back could also be kicking and hitting each other with few of them on the ground getting beaten up.  And and, Chinese soldiers/security guards escorting and surrounding the torch carrier who are also causing controversy in the same article.