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05/10/2008 - 15:49


u r bekar too

by bekar dish washer (not verified) on

howdy omid hast o nist, heheeheh, what a name and avatar. U R don kingu's compatible hrhehehehe.
looks like u & I have similar problems,heheh, both R bekar....well, again, if it pays I'll vote..see ya next week.


Draw a snake

by ImTheKing (not verified) on

Omid jan, there is a story of a mullah and a teacher in a village. The teacher tried to learn people to read and write. The mullad seeing that educated people won't go hear him preaching told that the man is a 'molhed'. Both men went then on the place of the village to defend their point of views. The mullah said to the teacher write the term 'snake' on a board and show it to villagers. And, he draw the snake. People all recognized the design and the mullah told to all that the man was a swindler and he was burnt on the place. Please draw this for us, thanks

Omid Hast

Get a job

by Omid Hast on

Hey bekar,

I think I already advised you to get a job, any job. Start by washing dishes in a restaurant. Before you know it, after 4-5 years, you'll move up to a busboy position. Meanwhile there're a lot of girls who'd love to go out with dishwashers. You can take them to the same restaurant since most likely they'll give discounts to their employees. hehehehehe |:O)


donkey votes

by bekar Anonymous (not verified) on

hey omid hast but omidy nist,hehehehe...I'm out of work and gas is about $4.50 per galon and girls don't go out with me since I do not have a paying job except becoming a nerd screwing around the web sites,hehehehe. if it pays good then I'll vote for "it"...kapish? hehehehe



by Translator (not verified) on

For progress of the country
Vote for me