German Magazine "Spiegel" critical of Cyrus cylinder
Spiegel Magazine
14-Jul-2008 (4 comments)

Dear friends, 
the attacks against Iran are not anymore restricted to the current regime. Germanys renowned "Spiegel", in its online platform featured a lengthy article full of abuse against Cyrus the Great and attempting to discredit persian pride. 
In particular this article 
claims that the "first human rights charta" is nothing but propaganda by the late Shah and that Cyrus the Great by no means was any close to being a humanist, a human rights reformer, etc. 
The authors claims in detail: 
1. The original cylinder, found in 1879, does not mention Ahuramazda, but (the "God") Marduk 
2. Cyrus was all but a role model because: 
- he let the noses and ears of disobedient citizens/rebels be cut 
- the royal palace contained a big harem 
- Opis was attacked and all babylonian captives were executed 
- honourable citizens of Priene were enslaved and/or deported after the city was sacked 
3. Contrary to "propaganda" the original text does not contain any prohibition of slavery, expropriation of land... 

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One Word Comes To Mind

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Who cares

by Abarmard on

It's a fact and it's on a cylinder. Have problems? We got a Vaseline just for you.


Dieses ist ein großer Kampf für Sie. Du bist zu klein, Cyrus zu kämpfen das große. Verstehen Sie?


Lufthansa buys new Bombardier CSeries jets...

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German Lufthansa is the first airline to place a firm order of 30 aircrafts of the new CSeries jets announced by Bomabardier.

Too bad Jamie Orchard from Global TV Station did not interview the Bomabardier Press attache David Chartrand.

This reminds me of Daimler-Benz merging with Chrysler.


German Jewish Editor

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The Editor is right wing Jewish Zionist. So it should not surprise you.