Racist states walk out of Geneva meeting
Workers World / John Catalinotto
23-Apr-2009 (18 comments)

Their actions spoke louder than any words of phony concern. There has to be a vigorous struggle against racism precisely because the imperialist powers and their settler states—which for historical reasons are mostly white—have promoted racism against peoples of color and all Indigenous peoples throughout the world in order to better exploit them. The ones who wound up walking out of the conference on racism are exactly those most guilty of racism. And everyone who remained knows it.

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Kaveh Nouraee

Liberals are neither right

by Kaveh Nouraee on

nor open-minded, at least as how those terms are being used here. In fact you contradict yourself by calling yourself open-minded, while making a statement based solely upon your personal opinion that you have been trying to sell as verified fact.

That's not open-minded....that's bull-headed and stubborn.

For if you were indeed, a truly open minded liberal, you would recognize that the IRI has in fact invaded portions of Iraq, as well as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is an invasion by proxy, but it is an invasion nonetheless. If the IRI weren't enabling either insurgent groups in Iraq, or Hamas and Hezbollah further to the west, you wouldn't see a fraction of the violence and bloodshed that exists at present.

Try opening up your mind to that.


liberals are right

by IRANdokht on

just like a lot of other open minded folks, I am against the brutal states of Israel and IRI, each for its own actions and crimes against humanity.

But we all know that Iran is not a racist state and has not invaded any of its neighbors. Blame IRI for human rights violations, lack of freedom of speech, brutaity against women etc... but don't use them to justify Israel's racism, senseless murders and disregard for human rights. 


Kaveh Nouraee

All of you So-Called Liberals

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If someone from Israel were speaking about racism or discrimination, you would be the first to walk out of there.

This circus sideshow freak had no business uttering a single syllable concerning human rights.



Right On!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

People may not like the messenger but the message was 100% correct.

In fact he should have spoken about the Palestinians, less than 3 months later what happened in Gaza is already forgotten. All of those donors including the U.S. who went to Sharm-El-Sheikh and made their commitments have not given a cent. All the while Israel is continuing to kill more Palestinians in Gaza, the seige is still in place, the people whose homes have been bombed are living a misrable life in tents and Israel is continuing to confiscate more and more land in the West Bank. The new Israeli Gov. has already declared that it will not accept the two-state-solution.

The Palestinian NGOs were prevented to have side meetings at the Durbin II conference while the Zionist, and the Pro-Israeli firsters where having a whole host of discussions, this included Alan Dershowitz, Elie Weisel, and many others. So while Israel didn't attend it did send its delegates to speak on its behalf.

And those Western countries who walked out all have more blood in their hands than any other people. They are the colonizers, the occupiers, the invaders as this article has mentioned just a few of their crimes against humanity.


And on the fringes of the conference ...


The  racist minority walked out but I heard from friends in NGOs attending the conference that many delegates had likened it to shit having been washed off :)  Also not only did the overwhelming majority of the world delegates remained, there had been the most lively debates by the participating NGOs in the conference workshops about Israel/Palestine and international links have been established for effective campaigns. So bekoori-ye cheshm-e hameye 'mazloomin'!


The best thing for Mahmoud is just to shut it

by Hajminator on

We all agree that Israel is an apartheid-like regime holding Palestinians into ghettos.

But the role does not come to Mahmoud to point out any injustice in this world even those perpetuated by the Israelis.

In Hamedan, they killed a doctor in detention and suspects (Basijis) were all been released.


They killed for free, ruining two families (she was engaged) and no one is responsible!! That's the justice that Mahmoud wanna spread?


A racist like ahmadinejad

by aha (not verified) on

A racist like ahmadinejad talking about racism is akin to a pedophile in charge of Children's defense organization.


The forgotten part of the conference

by Jaleho on

which the LESS INTELLIGENT masses missed thanks to the 1 min. sound bites of CNN and FOX which was tailored to brainwash the sheep among listeners: 

"On April 21, when President Ahmadinejad of Iran spoke denouncing the racist actions of the Israeli state against Palestinians, most of the U.N. delegates applauded the speech. It had been only three months since the 22-day-long Israeli slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza."

I bet you a lot of "dumb arrogant Americans" did not even comprehend this most obvious part that they could base a reasonable conclusion upon!


Who Said that "Shame is a Sign of Consience"?

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Ehem!! "Those who walked out are nothing but, aparthide deniers! And they should be labled as such"; and this is coming from who? A supporter of this Ahmadi Nejad? A cocnerend Iranian? Someone who gives a hoot about history of IRI's crimes in Iran?

For God's sake, those who walked out are all civilized and advanced democracies of the world. Not only they were right in walking out of that conference, they should have got this Ahmadi Nejad character arrested on the spot for his innumerable crimes against our people.

In which galexy you supporters of this criminal regime live? Oh I got it! You live in the embrace of all these democracies that you badmouth and yet support this goon and his anti-racism babbling! It is no longer amusing as you guys and galls want to hood-wink the rest of us as if the likes of Ahmadi Nejad have something worthy to say to the rest of the world despite their bloody records.

Encouraging the civilized world to listen to the likes of Ahmadi Nejad is akin to saying that civility and respect for humanity and human rights has no defensible boundaries therefore any criminal element has the right of lecturing the rest of the world at the same time that he is busy hanging, chopping hands, gauging eyes, and committing all kinds of crimes.

No wonder this regime has survived for the past three decades because the civilized world has tolerated its outrageous criminal and anti-humanity acts to the effect that we all have become accustomed to IRI's slew of crimes against our people and the rest of the civilized world.

Shame on those who still find a glimore of hope in the IRI and its goons and executioners, the likes of Ahmamdi Nejad. Who was it who said that "Shame is a Sign of Consience"?


From: //azarmehr.blogspot.com/

by hahahaha (not verified) on

""Following the hand out of cash in envelopes to journalists and free potato handouts to potential voters by Ahmadinejad's election camp, the efforts to buy votes with more hand outs was intensified to help re-elect Ahmadinejad.

In another vote bribing stunt, Ahmadinejad's camp announced free orange handouts to people when Ahmadinejad was due to speak in the poor district of Islamshahr. Of course the stunt worked and as predicted pulled in large crowds who would not miss the opportunity of getting free fresh juicy oranges. There was however one problem. The oranges were Israeli oranges with obvious 'Jaffa' labels still on them!

So shortly after President Ahmadinejad using the platform handed to him on a plate by the UN summit to recruit extremist and militant minds in the Middle East, the self styled champion of the oppressed Palestinian people was handing out Israeli oranges for the rent a crowd mob."""

Who could have written a funnier script than that?



I would expect a group of sex offenders...

by Ostaad on

to walk out of an anti-sexual harassment conference too. Those who walked out were the cowards who have no legs to stand on because they know they can't defent the Zionists' Apartheid.

A walk out only proves they're a bunch of cop outs. 


Aparthide Deniers!

by verytass on

Those who walked out are nothing but, aparthide deniers!

And they should be labled as such! 


Truth hurts

by Bavafa on

Never the less, it must be told.

A great article and right on the money



A Wish for Mr. Hamilton!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) I wish Mr. Hamilton were to travel to Iran as the Ambassador of Peace of his news paper and search for himself how the Islamic Republic operates when it comes to dealing with Iran's minorities (racial, ethnic or religious).

It is very likely that the world over would hear soon that an indpendent British "spy" who was dispatched to Iran to orchestrate "Blue-Green-Violet-and Yellow" combination type of Revoution to overthrow the Divine Order of Islam in Iran has been arrested. He has confessed of being a "spy" for xyz (it could be any one among 189 countries of the world all of whom are potential enemies of this Theatre of Absurd that we call IRI).

As usual, Mr. Hamilton would be thrown in the Evin Prison, and for the sake of the argument, let us say that he gets the kind of "humane" treatement for which the IRI is renown when it comes to showing its ture credentials at places like Evin, Gohar Dasht, Gehzel Hesar etc., etc.

Upon Mr. Hamilton's release (after the regime has fixed his teeth and "chak-o-chooneh"), I wish I were able to put in front of his pre-Evin "baba-ghooori-chapool" eyes his above "Harf-e Hesabi" asking him: hey "Halloo," do you now realize what you are dealing with in the context of "Harf-e Hesaab" ala-Ahamadi-Nejjad? "Roo keh Nist"!!

Shahriar Zahedi

Blogger said the same earlier

by Shahriar Zahedi on

Khodadad Rezakhani said pretty much the same thing as this news article in his blog a few days ago:



Always question the authority

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I see this everyday, some people fall for the propaganda, they do not examine the reality. This charade was like the speech in Columbia University. You let the person speak and then point to flaws, to prejudge and then deliver the verdict, before a word is spoken is just unfair. But the more stupid thing is the people who buy into this charde, there are people who are depressed, and can't do a thing because they feel they are trapped with their heritage. In fact they are the country who accepted Afghan, Iraqi , Jewish, Armenian ..... refugees, be proud we are not Arabs, British, Americans ..... , we are the good.

Niloufar Parsi

another balanced article on the same

by Niloufar Parsi on


Great article

by IRANdokht on

حرف حساب جواب نداره