انتقاد بهرام مشیری از رضا پهلوی

by Tapesh

انتقاد استاد بهرام مشیری از مصاحبه رضا پهلوی با یکی از تلویزیونهای اسرائیل.



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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

No offence.............

But exactly peoples like moshiri put the whole iranians where they are today'



مغالطات مهندس مشیری


لقمان را گفتند ادب از که آموختی؟ گفت از بی ادبان! هر مغالطه که ایشان نمودند من نکردم!   جناب مهندس خودت قاضی، چند تا مغالطه در این چنددقیقه چپانده ای؟    1 سیاست یعنی همین که با توسع به استر یا کورش با طرف مذاکره نزدیکی ایجاد کنی!   2 حضرتعالی خبر ا کمپین صلحخواهان اسرائیل در فیسبوک مستحضرید؟ یا فقط فیسبوک را جهت انتشار عقاید خودتان میبینید؟   3 مغالطه تا کجا؟ و اینقدر بقول همولایتیهاتان "چیپ" کم مایه؟ شما تفاوت رژیم با کشور را بهتر از همه باید بدانید نه؟ رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در آمارهای سازمان ملل و نهادهای بین المللی همواره در ته جدول میآید: تورم، فساد مالی اداری، کیفیت آموزش، فرار مغزها و و و و یعنی بقول خودتان "بنانا استیت" سی وسه ساله. که هیچ ربطی به کشور یا سرزمین چندهزارسالۀ ایران با آن سوابق ... ندارد که حالا شما شاهزاده را متهم میکنید که چرا التماس کرده ایران را بمباران نکنید بلکه به اپزیسیون کمک کنید.   4 نادر شاه بقول خودت پادشاه فاتح و ... بود در آن حدیث، رضا پهلوی یک شاهزادۀ تبعیدی! با کمترین امکانات!   5 با این توضیحات آیا رضاپهلوی کشور را تحقیرکرده؟ حرف شما مغالطۀ نوع چندم است؟   6 "اسرائیل یک وجب جا" ابرقدرت نظامی منطقه هست. تمام دنیای اعراب و اسلام با امکانات عظیم مالی و انسانی حریف این یک وجب بچه نشده، نه؟   7 "تنباکوفروش بخارایی" توهین جناب مشیری مثل اینکه فقط اختصاص به آخوند ندارد. مهندسین شیمی هم وقتی در مقابل یک ابتکار سیاسی کم می آودند و احساس تحقیرشدگی میکنند، از آن استفادۀ بهینه مینمایند.   8 حتا در بُکس که از خشن ترین ورزشهاست، قاعده ای هست بنام فول! بهر جایی از حریف نمیتوان مشت زد نه؟ حالا جوانمردی و مردانگی و اینجور مردبازیها پیشکشتان   9 لقمان را گفتند ... 


I don't know about Reza Pahlavi but I sure as hell hope

by aynak on

I am not a offspring of Eshter.   If he is well, let's see if he fully comprehends  what he is talking about:(although based on one of his recent interviews, I very much doubt if he has read much of anything).

(While I admire anyone who says Iran should not be bombed).



I highlight some key points, and my American Jewish collegue confirm that this (Purim) is infact celebrated as "burning the Persian" celebration by many Jews, and please resident Jewish folks confirm/deny this.

Here's the executive summary:

-This guy Haman has beef with Mordachi (according to the story)  but no evidence that infact he wants to annihlate the entire Jewish population.  Even if *he* does, why should an entire population be punished?  

But here's what happens according to the book of Eshter:

(Killing Haman I could see but the 10 sons?  What were their crime?)  But it gets worse:

12 The king said to Queen
Esther, "In Shushan Capital the Jews killed and destroyed five hundred
men, as well as the ten sons of Haman. Who knows what they did in the
more distant provinces of the empire? Whatever you want, you will be
given; whatever your request, it will be done."

 13 Esther replied, "If it
pleases the king, may the Jews of Shushan have tomorrow also, with the
same rules as today? And also, could the ten sons of Haman be hanged on
the gallows?"

(Oh my?  is this some character you want to be offspring of?)

14 The king ordered these
things to be done. The decree was announced in Shushan, and also the ten
sons of Haman were hanged on the gallows.

(So far 500 were killed in Shushan (our very own Shush), 10 sons of Haman, .....

15 So the Jews of Shushan gathered again on the fourteenth day of Adar, and they killed another
three hundred men in Shushan, but they did not pillage their property.  (Awesome, the property is left intact in an act of sheer kindness?)

Now the total is 500+300+10=810  (these last 300 for her Queens wish.

As abhorent this story is, here's where it turns to first holocaust:

16 The Jews in the rest of the empire also gathered to defend themselves and get peace from their
enemies, and they killed a total of seventy-five thousand, but they did not pillage their property.

So a total of 76,310 of people were killed in 2 days.


20 Mordechai wrote down the details of all these events, and sent copies to all the Jews in all the
provinces of King Achashvairosh's empire, whether nearby or distant.

21 Telling them to observe the fourteenth and fifteenth days of Adar, each and every year,


27 the Jews established and firmly accepted on themselves and on their descendants, and on
anyone who might convert to Judaism, to faithfully observe these two days, as written, and at the
right times, each and every year.

28 These days must be remembered and observed for every generation, every family, in every
part of the world, in every city. The Holiday of Purim will never be abolished among the Jews,
and their descendants will never cease to observe them.


I am rather speechless.  To some account people fled their homes on the 13th day, which some say is our "Syzdah Bedar" which sort of matches the above story.  (Whoever was around on 13th was murdered).  It is also surprissing not to see any mention of death of Jewish people in this story. (i.e wouldn't that imply 76,000+ were not really armed but were mass exterminated, otherwise how could these many be killed in 2 days, if they were armed?)


I don't know which is worse?  Some 76000 people being murdered and some people celebrating it today?  Or Reza Pahlavi saying he is an offspring as a king wanna be?   Is there anybody home?



Darius Kadivar

Say Bahram joon What Hair dye do you use ? ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on


I Agree with Arash K NOT MOSHIRI this time

by Azarbanoo on

I think RP initiate well asking Israielis help to remove the barbaric IRR/IRI.


رضا پهلوی



Reza Phalavi, as usual you not smart at all, look like your father and the rest of his suppoter.

 I am not a fan of IRI or either you, but think and talk, not talk and think.

Iran is your country too, you have theright to back to your home-land, but not as king, or son of the King. Feel forry for you.

Arash Kamangir

Reza Pahlavi should ask Israel for help

by Arash Kamangir on

In fight against satanic regime of IR it is allowed to ask for help from any democratic nation including Israel. Moshiris of this would never agree to anything that Reza Pahlavi does.