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Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni talks about the threat of Iran.

Addressing the Massachusetts state legislature.




by Dariush (not verified) on

You got the words wrong Zion. Israel is the closest to Satan not saint! The Zionists are the Satan and that makes you the baby Satan.
You keep fooling yourself. You are all resented all over the world. Sooner or later you will pay for your crimes!!!



by Zion on

No Mehdi. Israel has made many mistakes. Helping Hamas to oppose Fatah, Bringing Arafat as if he was a respectable human being, invading Gaza, invading Lebanon... many mistakes.
But now that you mention it you are on to something here. Despite all her mistakes, Israel is indeed the closest thing you can get to a saint in the real world.
Nice way to put it. Thanks.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's Not How It's Defined.....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The definition of democracy remains as it was pre-Bush. I think it is more accurate to say that the intepretation of it is what has changed. Not just by Bush, but by others as well, whether you speak of Israel, or even India. Sometimes I wonder if true democracy is really being practiced anywhere in this world.

The same may be said of the various religions throughout the world. The way Christianity is practiced in the U.S. personally makes me sick to my stomach. Judaism, when manipulated from being an ancient faith with beautiful traditions handed down over the generations, is reduced to trash when it is used as if it were a racial ethincity. Islam? Well, we all know how some people turned the Koran into a manifesto of justifications by sociopaths who aren't pious Moslems as they really are a bunch of murderers.

I can't see how democracy can be defined by drinking, dancing, MTV, fast food or drugs. The USSR wasn't a democracy and they drank vodka then as they do now: as if there were three taps on the water faucet: Hot, Cold, and Stoli.

Drugs? Iran has rampant opiate addiction, but no freedom of press, religion, or speech, nor is their tolerance for even mild difference of opinion.

And fast food? I heard a story about Ronald McDonald being a communist, but it was only an unsubstantiated rumor.


Zion's view: Israel=saint

by Mehdi on

Israel can do no wrong. NEVER, EVER! It is impossible that Israel ever makes a mistake. Now let's go back to demonizing Iran.

That's the only thing you will ever hear out of Zion.


Darius kavidar

by Dariush (not verified) on

You speak of tolerance. but you can not take a for a "change comment" toward yourself. When I wrote, you said it very well "for a change". Was because, I had read most of your postings, but saw no substance in any of them except the one I complimented and never before said anything against your writings.
You speak of democracy, but one that I should not support IRI and Ahmadinejad should not practice his freedom of speech or Muslims practice their religion. You with insult tone call me Hezbollahi. I take that as a compliment. I wished I could be, but unfortunately I do not deserve this title. But you cross the line the way you spoke of Martyrs. I have not seen any plastic key to heaven given to Basijis, but I see similar promises being made to Jews and Christians like Zion in west to gain their support for genocide by west and Israel.
When you were being done in west "I mean your brain". I was fighting the Iraqis, so I know what Iranians want. They want peace with mutual respect not with the force of the tip of sword on their throat. They knew crying will not make the enemy kind but more wishes.
I support IRI for their positive points and condemn them for their negative points. Unlike you who hates the IRI all together and their millions of supporters who are Iranians. Then you criticize me for hating Zionists and Neo-cons? At least if I hate, is our enemy not Iranians as you do.
I don't really care what you and people like you think of me. I know what I stand for and that is "justice for all". When people like Zion and Prophet Amil do not respect others, they deserve a swift answer.
Another reason for my "for a change" comment toward you was to see who you really are. You can write 200 pages, I read them, but at the end I can describe you in one sentence and that is what counts for me. After reading all your comments I find you a "new breed of Monarchies". But I am not going to attack you as I do to Zionists.


Mr. Zion- To define democracy

by Abarmard on

Since Bush the definition of "Democracy" has changed. Normally Democracy is used synonymous to freedom. Under a Democratic system, the Rights of minorities are valued and pushed a head by the State. Does Israel do that?

Otherwise if Israel is Democracy because the majority (artificially) of the State, are Jews, then what is a free State if only those who are alike are allowed!!!

If majority of Palestinians agree to Hamas as their governing body, does that make the Palestinians government a democratic regime? We know how the west reacted harshly when Hamas was elected.

In the case of Israel, things become more complicated and the definition of Democracy becomes less meaningful. That is because of the inhumane situation that has been created.

To claim that Israel is a Democratic State, makes Israelis feel good about the position that the regime of Israel imposing wrongly on another human race. Justification of a wrong. It's political.

Israel doesn't stand too far away from the Islamic Republic when it comes to the humane treatment or the Human Rights standards.

A few continious months without a US support, the Israeli system will collaps. That's not a Democracy my friend.

So I wouldn't brag about Democracy in Israel if I were you. Unless you mean by Democracy:

-Drinking and boozing

-dancing and drugs

-US fast food market


and so forth, that Iran has some underground and Chinese are having them more and more daily...



by Abarmard on

No, but I wish I was. Or maybe I am having flashbacks ;)



by Zion on

Are you on drugs?!


Mr. Kadivar

by Zion on

Israel was a very good ally of Iran under Shah. May I remind you that it was Iran who broke ties with Israel and started chanting death to Israel and creating and arming terrorist groups in the region to kill Israelis and to destroy Israel, not he other way around? Do you realize that a revolution has taken place in Iran and that the current system has little to do with the previous one and that Israel can't base her policies on relations with a regime that no longer exists.
It is also naive of you to imagine that Israeli policy is determined by what the Shah of Iran may have aid in one irrelevant interview, and sir, on what relevance does a book by a Jewish author, whom I had never heard of before, have to Israeli relations and policies? Don`t you think such arguments are irrational?
Instead maybe you can answer me why Israel was never officially recognized by Shah and never allowed to enjoy normal and open relations, as she does with Turkey for instance, although she was beyond a doubt the best ally, perhaps the only true ally, Iran had at that time?

I don`t see how the origins of Israeli democracy has any relevance?
Israel is a democracy. Don`t you think a democracy, wherever its roots, deserves protection and support in a sea of demagogues and dictators and hateful ideologies, no matter what historical cuases they might have?
Also no one is expecting the same level of democratic rule and freedom from rest of the region. The argument, as you yourself mentioned is that the other countries and societies can use this opportunity to learn from Israel and by cooperation ease their own difficult path to overcoming historical obstacles, instead of using Israel as a pretext to hate and to solidify their dictatorial systems. You disagree?

As for the real motives of Tzipi, unlike you, I have no extraordinary faculties of mind reading and intention policing. Judging from their words and policies, I`d say they are opposing the regime in Iran because of the danger it poses the world over and are trying to avoid a war, for their own national interests more than anything else. In a corrupt world where doing business with criminals in charge of the regime in Iran is both easy and profitable, there is no reason why profit seekers should do anything but form cordial ties with the regime and suck their profits as many in Europe, Russia and China are already doing. If you are serious in your opposition to the gang of criminals in Tehran, you should learn to recognize the very few allies you have left in the world arena for that cause. Such over-romanticism will get you nowhere.

Darius Kadivar

More Food for thought: XERXES By Darius KADIVAR

by Darius Kadivar on

My interview with Screen Writer Ren A Hakim :



Thanks DK!

by Mehdi on

Very well written and from-the-heart! As you can see, unfortunately, those who support Israeli government blindly, NEVER criticize it, no matter what. They only use psychological tactics to divert attention and bring back up the idea that Iran must be bombed. These are pathetic people motivated by their fear of annihilation only and simply cowards. I have exchanged comments with many of them, like Zion, other such pathetic fools. They are brainwashed. They only respond according to their programming. There is nobody there!

Thanks a lot for the link about Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and her mission. It is never the governments but the average people who make a difference! Jewish people should be proud of her and her group. I have respect for her - not for a moron like Tzipi Livni (rhymes with Fettucini?).



Darius Kadivar

Food for Thought:Female rabbi seeks Peace with Iran

by Darius Kadivar on


Jewish rabbi ( Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb) leads historic FOR peace delegation to Iran




Superiority complex

by Abarmard on

Israeli government encourages superiority ideology that the "others" in the Middle East are inferior, not intelligent, backward, savages... Not realizing that they are not different except they got the support and fund of the US for free. Many of the officials ever lived in Israel before and are Europeans for centuries. Their country was push forward rather than held backward like the rest of the region. Their argument is inhumane, fraud, and pure evil.

What the Israelis are saying is this:

-This is our land because inferior Palestinians are not civilized or normal people

-We bought most of the land, they sold it to us

-They get treated the way they do because they are "against" us

-If they agree to be the modern "slaves" to our will, then there is no war or issue

-They want us gone because they are afraid of Democracy!

-They hate Jews

-We are willing to have peace, they want more and more, like their Rights to have their land (back)

-They don't want to accept that things are the way they are. We are civilized and are like a western nations, they are uncivilized Arabs, who need to go to their neighbors. And guess what, their neighbors don't want them.


-We do unto them as we got from the west!

Ideologically Israeli regime is bankrupt and is being forced to exist. Many of the Israeli citizens are in mental disarray about their existence. While they have no choice, they need to justify what otherwise they know is wrong.
Israel has a Right to exist. In this time and age, things are done and the solution must be provided, not by the US and Israel or the so called international community.

The solution must be humane and it probably requires the complete change in the Israeli system. It needs to become a different country that it's not only for the Jews but for the entire citizens. Since the country did not belonged only to the Jews when the Zionist attacked it. Selfishness must give to democracy and humane ideology to better the lives of all the citizens of the State of Israel regardless of religion or race.

With a humane laws as the pillar of Israeli system, Hamas and all other reactionaries will dismantle to become part of a vibrant Middle Eastern country that would be a model for the region.

Unfortunately Israel was created for the dominance of oil. If oil was not in the Middle East, Israel would probably not exist, at least not in this format. So the issue is a strategic and political rather than humanistic and civilized. Hopefully by the next century things become better for the Israeli citizens as a whole.


Dejavu, its Iraq again

by Alborzi (not verified) on

They know, they have about 500 nuclear bombs ready to go and US is at their beck and call with thousands more, they have the biggest death machines in the Persian gulf, even if Iran gets a weapon its going to be weaker than the one in Hiroshima 60 years ago, the Iranian Jet planes that Iran purchased from the China is based on an older Israeli design. They know it too, but they want the rednecks to get ready for one more genocide.

Darius Kadivar

To Zion & Little "Dariush"

by Darius Kadivar on

What I do not like in Tzipi Livni and in most Israelian leading politicians is their hypocrisy in regard to the War on Terror and their status in the Middle East as if they have a moral superiority each time their country is confronted to a frontier crisis. This frontier can be physical be it with what has become known as the occupying territories or it is political.

Have the Israelians forgotten that they are indepted to Iran for helping them during the Six Day War with Egypt when Iran was delivering free oil to Israel ? Have they forgotten that the Late Shah of Iran was a staunch ally of Israel and that he was the unknown architect of the Rapproachment between Egypt and Israel ? Take a look at the last part of this French documentary where Anwar Sadat visited Iran just before flying to Israel to make his famous speach at the Israeli Knesset :


And Yet despite these concrete efforts what did the Jewish State do for Iran in turn ? Criticize the Shah when he warned the Jewish Diaspora that their actions and constant urge to defend Israel on all accounts was hurting their interests:


That even led to an American Jewish Author Paul Erdman to write the novel : The Crash of 79 which became a bestseller in 1977 describing the Shah as a megalomaniac leader ready to destroy the West and take over the World like Hitler ...

It is this stubborness that has always hurt Israel in making peace with its neighbours. If they are not only to be blamed given that extremists also exist in the Arab world and today in Iran with the likes of Ahmadinejad, it seems to me that Israel is dictating its conditions to the entire Middle East in ways that are counter productive. What Israel calls for is the Green light to act if ever it sees that no one can reason with Iran.

What I do not like is that Israel makes no attempt to focus on the Iranian Civil society in the making and the fact that the great majority of Iranians despise the regime. The leaders of Israel have never made any outspoken remark in this direction or even tried to invite some of the Iranian Peace activists to Israel. At least nothing that would be considered as noticeable in the Media.

Even Shirin Ebadi who I do not always share her views has come to realize the terrible record of the Islamic Republic in terms of Human Rights violations and the degrading situation in this regard in her country. If she rants against the Iranian opposition she  nevertheless also calls for boycotting the current leaders of Iran and proposes sanctions  polticial or personal against them and not necessarily the Iranians themselves.


As for Isreal being a democracy, this is also mentioned ALWAYS out of context in order to avoid the real debate and that is the lack of peaceful relationship with its neighbours.

Israel is rightfully a democracy but it is "an imported one" and not one created due to a natural evolution of a society towards Democracy. In otherwords it did not acquire democracy through a Revolution, or Civil War like in France or the United States. This democracy was not founded after a struggle amongst themselves and a collective "prise de conscience" on its necessity but because most jews who came immigrated from Europe after WWII or were already settled in Palestine were all more or less European and therefore educated with the ideas and ideals of democracy or at least had experienced it and did not need to be convinced of its necessity. This has not been the case for all the other people in the Middle East who have not experienced the democratic model first hand despite the end of colonialisation or wars of Independance and nationalist struggles. The ultimate goal in these countries was first to be independant and then eventually have their own governments which for the most were either absolute monarchies or toppled into dubious dictatorial republics by power hungry local leaders who took charge in the name of nationalistic ideals to satisfy a frustrated and humiliated population.

So setting Israel as an example of a society that has achieved democracy thanks to a national struggle is absurd given that that there was no particular discourse on the type of government and institutions that the State of Israel would have to be built upon.

That the Israelian institutions and commitment to democratic ideals as exercised in the West is something that can serve as a model to any Arab State is one thing but to suggest that the historical process in achieving these institutions and democratic mindset was due to the same factors and reasons as in such countries like France, Great Britain or the United States is totally absurd. The historical context and social factors were entirely different to those that led to the Democratic State of Israel.

What I do not like about Tzipi Livni is less her comments than her intentions behind them. Her approach is as dangerous and wrong as those of the American Neo Con's who advise the American President today. Tzipi Livni like Dick Cheney or Rumsfield speak in the name of Arms lobbies and look forward to making their dough in the process. They don't even have the interests of their country on mind but simply want to create the conditions that would make War appear as the Only solution.

These people are not worried about civil society or democracy anywhere. They have perverted even the word "politics" by giving it a bad name and reputation.

THAT SAID, my condemnation of neo cons be them American or Israeli or European for that matter should not be interpreted as this little Neem Gerooni "Dariush" who seems to relish in supporting the neo con's of our very own Islamic Republic.

Some wondered if I hated the Islamic Republic of Iran: Well the Answer is an UNCONDITIONAL YES.

Stop the hypocrisy Dariush and other Hezbollahi's in trying to justify your bellicous and distorted justifications for this theocratic regime that has been in power for more than 30 years and submitting our nation and its people to a daily inquisition. SHAME ON YOU for taking advantage of this current crisis to overshadow the realities of our society and the hardships of our people who wish no more than a peaceful Iran and good relations with the West but also amongst themselves.

SHAME ON YOU for supporting a Religious Regime who claims to act in the name of God but continues to KILL And TORTURE its own people.When did GOD Allow Crime and preach Death or destruction on ANYBODY let Alone a Nation and a Race ?

Before Giving Lessons to the Jews or Americans or Anybody else for that matter Clean in front of your door the blood that is leaking from the veins of the Brave and Innocent Iranian People some of who paid with their lives to save and defend Iran's territorial Integrity during an 8 year War. No Family in Iran has been left immune to such a disastrous war.

SHAME ON YOU for censoring our artists, filmmakers ( like Satrapi who told the truth about Iran in the most honest and objective way and which your government brandished as a traitor) and intellectuals and journalists on a daily basis. Then you want to rewrite History just to serve your own petty EGO !

YOU DARIUSH and Likes of you Hezbollahi's SPIT on the memory of all these Shohadah's you sent to the grave with a plastic Key !



Regardless of your mischievous lies and propaganda !




Jahanshah Rashidian

Several honest points

by Jahanshah Rashidian on


--Israel has the right to peacefully exist in the region in co-existing with its
neighbours and without being wiped
off the world.

--Israel has occupied the lands of neighbours
despite the UN resolutions. Since 1967 Israel occupies Gaza strip, East
Jerusalem, Golan Heights, West Bank, and till 1979, the Sinai from Egypt.

--When Israel ignores the UN resolutions demanding its withdrawal, people
whose lands are occupied have the moral and natural right to fight the

-- Israel must unconditionally evacuate its occupied territories and withdraw to its borders of 1967.

--We Iranians who fight another occupying regime in our country--the IRI-- must be honest enough to condemn any occupation.

--Atomic arsenal must be absolutely banned in the region, no matter in the
hands of the state terrorist IRI or your beloved Israel. It is always a
danger for the whole region.



Mr Kadivar

by Zion on

The reason the comments of Ahamdinejad stirred such response are multi-faceted:

Iran was playing the `reform` card before and the media was playing along. Now the old game was over and the shock factor could be used to cover it. Also Ahmadinejad deliberately started this play with the media to make controversial statements on purpose. The media love such things.
But the main reason is that Iran has been caught red handed pursuing nuclear weapons. That gives a whole new dimension to the usual talk of the mad mullahs.

But regarding your comment on Tzipi Livni, could you please elaboate what part of what she is saying in this video you find offensive or wrong?
Do you not agree that the regime n Iran should be prevented to get nuclear weapons and that there are many ways the world community could pressure them, and that the military option is only the very last resort. Which of these do you find offensive?


Hey Dariush

by Zion on

You forgot to post the link to the rest of your `revealing` video on YouTube:
Lovely stuff. Holocaust was exaggerated, Stalin (of all people) was a puppet of Jews... Nice to see you get your info from degenerate nazi videos.



by Dariush (not verified) on

Thanks for the links. These are yet more victims of Israelis occupation and invasion. It shows how far the Zionists are willing to go for taking someone else's land and rights. They are willing to scarify Jewish people for the zionist ideology. That is sad!



by Dariush (not verified) on

Zionism is an ideology not a religion. One can have any religion and have Zionist ideology. But the creators of it were born Jewish. Just as you see there are many Jews against Zionism.
Yes, Jesus was a Jew and he was betrayed by the Jews to be crucified in place of Barabbas the warrior. Do you think Jesus or Moses would approve of what Israel is doing today? Of course not. If they do, then I don't even believe in them, because the humanity comes first. Do you think Iranians will approve wiping out Israelis? Of course not. Even Ahmadinejad comment was toward state of Israel not the population and out of anger due to Israelis treatments of innocent people. His term will be over soon and next president might be very different. Don't take me wrong, I am not saying this out of fear. I am just worried for Israel. If Ahmadinejad make an oil sanction on west it will be the end for west and Israel's ally. Because people in west will eat each other without need of any fighting by Iran. Don't let the Zionist in church control you with the promise of heaven! Don't worry! I have purchased all the lands in hell and I am not going let you in there! We like to consider you friend.
Darius Kadivar said it very well!!! For a change!!!


More video for you to see

by AnonymouPB (not verified) on


from Iranians to Israelis

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

Don't believe the nonsense your government is feeding you just how we Iranian's don't buy the nonesense our government is trying to feed us.

Pursue peace and human rights and recognize Palestinians and their right to the land and live in peace together.

It is the radial Zionist policies in the middle east that feeds governments such as Iranian governments and created groups such as Hamas and Hezbullah.


This is all politics

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

We need to understand that Iran needs Israel and so vice versa. Iran needs Israel for many reasons; to control its dominance in the region by selecting a nemesis (Israel), and to protect itself against Arabs States. I won’t go deep in those issues. Who loose in this game: THE IRANIAN PEOPLE. Why??? Because the IR spend our money from our resources that belongs to OUR nation, somewhere else by transferring funds to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc or even build school, bridges and etc in Lebanon (Shia areas). When are we all going to get this.

Darius Kadivar

To Mr or Mrs Disgusted ...

by Darius Kadivar on

This lady Minister Tzipi Livni justified the bombarding of half of Lebanon just to save two POW taken hostage by the Hamas. What result was that except destroy all hopes of reconciliation between different Fractions.

Should I remind you that Itzak Rabin was shot dead NOT by a Palestinian but an Israelian ?

It is high time for the Jews to stop playing with the issue of the Holocaust as a pretext to their own war mongering rhetoric. Ahmadinejad is the product of both the Israelis and most European countries that put the spotlight on him after his stupid comments on the Shoah and the Holocaust.

Jews should know better that Anti Semitic Comments from Iran's clerical regime was nothing new ever since the mullah's took power in Iran. Why is it that the Western World and Israel paid such an attention on these comments when they perfectly were aquainted with the Slogans like "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" ?

The Israelians and the Western Powers proved to be entirely amateurish in handling this crisis. By giving SO MUCH coverage to a little man like Ahmadinejad, They turned him into what he was not : A Political Giant !

Who is to blame ? An Idiotic Iranian President whose is a medicore statesman who claims that a little girl can create an ATOMIC ENERGY IN HER KITCHEN, or the so widely educated Western and Israelian Diplomats who have turned a benign situation into one of direct confrontation ?

Does calling Jewish politicians stupid ANTI SEMITIC ? How should I call them then ? Stupid Israeli ?

Why is it not shocking you to hear me insult a fellow Iranian when he happens to be stupid or making stupid comments, but if one insults a Jew you are immediately considered as a Racist ?

Why should you feel insulted in your Faith and even person if one of your political representatives is insulted or criticized ? Is it not after all a risk they take and accept when bidding for Public Office ?

I find it incredibly hypocritical to hear Israelian politicians as well as Many Jewish personalities who criticize Iranians at Large for the comments made by Iran's president when the latter was elected upon an entirely different agenda than his AWFUL Comments on the Holocaust and the Wiping of Israel.

CAN YOU tell me why some of your Israelian Experts as well as American journalists of the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle  and the NY Times went as far as to claim that Iran was responsible under Reza Shah for the Holocaust ? An ABSURD LIE !

All this because of Jewish Paranoia ! I am sorry to express this so bluntly but If Paranoia regarding Racism and particularly Anti Semiticism was understandable in the decades that followed WWII, it appears to me absurd to have used this as an arguments in the begining of this millenium and new century to justify Israel's foreign policy today !

NONE OF THE LEADERS who run the world today were adults during WWII. Most were kids or at best very young teenagers. Some are not even born during WWII like our very dear President in France, Mr. Sarkozy ( who also happens to be half Jewish). What CREDIBILITY does this young generation of leaders have in trying to give lessons to the World and not just Iran on the realities of WWII or the Holocaust which NO ONE UNTIL IT BECAME AN ISSUE OF PROVOCATIVE DEBATE EVEN QUESTIONED THE REALITY ?

The Jewish Diaspora as much as the current leaders in Israel have blowned this issue to such proportions that it gave way to ALL FAR RIGHT extremists worldwide to question the Holocaust and through that the Very Existance of Israel.

The Latest example is France Jean Marie Le PEN who once again has been pursued for his comments that THE GAS CHAMBERS Were A DETAIL IN the History of WWII.

Now the Majority of People in France, a country occupied by Nazi Germany, have never questioned the reality of the Holocaust and yet a great majority voted for LE PEN in 2002 at the Presidential elections creating a unique uprising of all political parties asking everyone including the Left to vote for French President Jacques Chirac to avoid the Far Right to win the Elections and have Le Pen President or part of a Majority.

AND Yet were it not for the press and unscrupelous politicians which started to Flirt with LE PEN, we would have NEVER faced with even a Far Right Party in France or allowed it to exist and vociferate racial hatred. 

Now is Jean Marie Le PEN a representative of ALL FRENCH People ? THE ANSWER IS NO !

So Why have You guys changed AHMADINEJAD into a Bigger Powerful Monster than he actually was ?

It is the Over victimization of Israel that has entirely destroyed its credibility as a responsible nation and is jeapordizing its future.

Jews, Israelians are not less or more Evil or Good than Iranians or any other race for that matter. There is no such thing as a pure race be it in Iran, Israel or any place on this planet. We need to simply learn to live in peace with one another based on mutual understanding and if possible respect.

Why doesn't ANY of the Israelian politicians or leaders ever Remind not Only Mr. Ahmadinejad but also the World Leaders of Iran's long history of tolerance towards the Jewish community and refer to Cyrus the Great, to Xerxes and the Purim Festivities ? We never distinguished Jewish Iranians from Iranians. This became a poltical tool eversince you gave Ahmadinejad the pretext to bash you more by pressing on your week point: The Holocaust and therefore the creation of Israel.

Stay Coherent and Be Honest to yourselves at least for Once !


You Guys Created Ahmadinejad not the Iranian People at large. They at worst had to vote for him because they had the sad choice between Bad and Worse. They thought that by voting for a populist like Ahmadinejad ( who at the time NEVER UTTERED ANYTHING Regarding Israel and the Jews) rather than the corrupt Mullah Rafsanjani who ownes half the country. Their vote was simply a signal to the clerical leaders that they wanted change and it happened that Ahmadinejad was the first Non Cleric to become President in a long time.  

Now because this Ahmadinejad shouts "Marg Bar Israel" suddenly you see Anti Semits amongst the ENTIRE IRANIAN NATION !


I hate the Islamic Republic of Iran and ALL ITS LEADERS !


I AM FIRST IRANIAN ( Even if I am Half Iranian by my father)  and if you guys want to bomb Isfahan or Shiraz or any piece of that SACRED LAND OF OURS ! We Will Stand against you United.

I know the Price of the Holocaust and WWII thanks to my Maternal Grandparents. My mothers classmates and an entire population of her villiage were Jews and were deported NEVER TO COME BACK !

I don't need to hear a STUPID and I repeat STUUUUUUUPID Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to give me lessons about that Terrible ERA that cost the lives of 6 Million innocent Jews.

Today the grandson of a Holocaust victim cannot be considered as a Victim NO more than the grandson of a Nazi Criminal !

Neither are guilty for what happened some 70 years ago in Europe. Are they ? Or should they also put on a DAVID STAR and a SWASTIKA on their T-Shirts as a Reminder ?

HOWEVER We Are ALL RESPONSIBLE of reminding ourselves of the reality of that period.  

Humanity Should be held RESPONSIBLE BUT NOT GUILTY of The Significance of that Horrible Crime Unique in the History of Mankind which became known as Genocide, not one commited by circumstances, but one that was carefully planned in a scientific way to obliterate a people and a race. Something that is being brandished today in a banalization of a vocabulary that is gradually losing its true meaning and leading to a War of Words uttered by Irresponsible leaders and political personalities equally Muslim Iranian as Jewish Israelian or Christian American, or European.

Being a Jew doesn't turn you into being a SAINT does it ?

So do start by taking some responsability the current world crisis that has deepened ever since Sept 11th than always seeing yourselves as the only guys being threatened. The number of dead people in the Twin Towers should remind you that the people killed were of ALL NAtionalities and Religions. Some were Even Part of That "Axis of Evil" that seems to have become OUR DAVID STAR, Since ! 

So stop the Hypocrisy and look at the World as it is Today ! Not as a nest dividing Good People and Bad People BUT one where Mankind is caught between TOLERANCE and INTOLERANCE !

Terrorism takes Root in Fear and Blind Hatred !

Particularly if you want to win the War on Terror Against Al Quaeda and any of those Shit heads







by Disgusted (not verified) on

My comments are originally addressed to Darius KADIVAR. However, I pretty much digressed into a general rant. You should be able to infer from my post that I am not Jewish. Friendly enemy... hmmm, not an inaccurate term for many relationships in these troubled times. I very much appreciate your calm response to my fevered I am Iranian... and boy can I hear the troops taking up arms against me and calling me a traitor as we I'm an Iranian but I'm not a fool nor am I blind. I'm not about to sit here and post anti-EVERYTHING except Iran just because. We, by allowing the monsters, have created a great deal of the mess we're in all by ourselves. And we're doing ourselves a great disservice by condemning the Jewish faith. Just as Iranians should not be judged by our "government", America should not be judged by theirs, nor Israel by theirs. I'm a Christian and lest anyone forget, Jesus was a Jew. I don't condone ALOT of what Israel has done. BUT I condone EVEN LESS... what we have allowed. Let's clean up our own mess first before accusing Israel. It's a fool who doesn't recognize his own shortcomings. The Jewish people are a proud and honorable people. I hardly think that any intelligent person would not expect that anyone should be able to honor their faith in peace. In short, I'm not so sure Israel is any worse than we are... right now. And I won't be a hypocrite just to please
Again, thank you for your post... I respect your words.


Dear Abarmard

by Dariush (not verified) on

Sometimes it seems like the chicken and egg puzzle, but this link gives you some Idea.




by Dariush (not verified) on

Mr./Mrs. Disgusted. You seem to be attacking me for another dariush's posting. I am Dariush not dariush! The posting starts with haha is not mine, but I just posted one with some links to Israelis love and peace. However, I can not disagree with other dariush's comments toward Israel. If you as a Jewish are not condemning Israelis atrocities in the world, specially Palestine and Lebanon, then you are not a Jewish, you are a Zionist!
I have a Jewish friend who has put a sign on his car window condemning Israeli's actions. I have another one who believes they should drop all the Arabs in ocean. He probably say the same thing about Iranians, but doesn't say it in front of me. I didn't even know what his believes are until he said that. I told him or you have Zionist blood in you or you are a bloody Zionist. One is friend and the other friendly enemy. Which one are you?
We Iranians do not like to be bullied and disrespected, if we are, we will return the favor.


In short she is saying

by Mehdi on

Stop Iran before it becomes another Israel, destructive and armed with nuclear weapon, ready to fry any nation! :-)


Zionist Zeo

by Dariush (not verified) on

Zionist Zio, You are the reason for Ahmadinejad's statement. Even your prophet Moses hated you! That is why for forty years he dragged you like a dog in the desert to teach you a lesson, but you never learn, do you? In the world, people have more respect for Dogs than you Zionists.
Here are some links to Zionist peace.



First things first... The real enemy...

by Facts only... (not verified) on

The prime enemy of iran is the islamic republic leaders. Only khomeini and his gangsters have killed the largest number of iranian in the past two centuries. Saddam stands to be only second to khomeini. Rattling is not the same as killing, which only khomeini and his gang have done on massive and unprecedented scale.