Reshteh and Khoshkar

Made fresh in Tehran

I rather like the way the poster calls it "lace crepe!". Also see Reshteh and Khoshkar explained by Mohammad Ala.


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Made fresh in Tehran

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

what a relaxing job. It looks just like a game which those gentlemen are playing. For littlöe childeren it would be a glorious fan, if they could take part in the game. It tastes better when one sees how it is produced. Thanks God the times as strangers had the Sevices in Iran in their hands are over. Since 1978/79 and the Cunquerry of blood to sword. before 1978 the strangers could bring their mashines and the chain process could kick out thousands of those titbits in a few seconds. As seller stood then a blond quarelsom catankerous and naging "Lady" who took more money than her bits were worth and poeple paid and paid and paid and got nothing. The iranians who knew the recipes were staff and slaves, the strangers were master and chief. Thank God those days are over. Thanks God the strangers can not invade that country in those "freindly" manner any more. Thanks God. may the beloved tehran stay fresh all the time. Greeting


سور بانو



دهانمون رو آب انداختی

یاد شنبه بازار بندر پهلوی افتادم




by maziar 58 (not verified) on

vamos a china....
but I rather have the original at rasht fish market.


Make more money by increasing production

by Anonymous Capitalist (not verified) on

This process is so slow. It could easily be mechanized. A chain process machine could kick out thousands of these in a few minutes.