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TM Bax? No my friends, TM Sux!

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Bahmani strikes again.

It just makes me shudder to imagine how do they actually communicate and talk to each other in that LA "Farsienglish!"



by bahmani on

This gives Bollywood a bad name.

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

TM Bax? No my friends, TM Sux!

This is so bad, that it completely explains why Iran isn't free.

Let's see, take way to much unearned testosterone, add in an overdose of Mysogeny, then insult every single person who ever came out of Khuzestan by crapping all over the bandari genre, with an out of tune auto tuned (What? Can't sing?) vocal about.... a girl called Laleh! ???


I don't know if it is the complete lack of originality, or the fact that it is neither a rap nor an actual vocal, as the cause of my instant reaction to this with an autoreflex vomit.

Sometimes Iranians who have no business doing the thing they think they should do, actually make the biggest mistake of their lives, and do the thing anyway.

Because hey, they have the van, the fake cop car, and the hummer for 4 hours before they have to return it. And for $200 you can buy a pretty good HD camera nowadays.

You can even return it after the shoot, if you keep the receipt.


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Tiger Lily

somebody please translate the lyrics, so

by Tiger Lily on

I can show off about eyeranian culture.


Old one...

by Neekoo on

This song and video is old.