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Gift of Magi
How to celebrate Christmas with our Christian neighbors
December 16, 2006

Siaasathaaye jameeati
Encouraging people to have more kids without the ability feed, educate, employ and house them? That's suicide.
October 30, 2006

Tavahomash yaa khodash?
When it comes to Israel, we prefer fantasy over fact
July 12, 2006

Islam & democracy
A critique of Abdolkarim Soroush's recent lecture at the Sorbonne
Ocotber 4, 2005

Apocalypse tomorrow
Beware the self-fulfilling prophesies of millenarians
May 18, 2004

Passionate, genuine & deeply flawed
Thoughts on philosopher Ahmad Fardid
June 8, 2004

Cyrus lies dead
On the killing fields of Iran's war on drugs
October 8, 2003

Liberty against all odds
Requiem for Laleh and Ladan
July 11, 2003

Chi fekr mikardim...
Chi shod!
May 29, 2003

Rumi dar baraabar-e Molla Omar
Rumi Vs. Molla Omar
December 2002

Attack from within
Dissident political theology in contemporary Iran
February 2002

The only survivor
What matters is love
September 2001

Travelers on one ship
An in depth interview with Abdolkarim Soroush
May 1999

Let the occasional chalice break
Abdolkarim Soroush and Islamic liberation theology
October 1998

Democracy or Theocracy
Ferdowsi's poetry sheds lights on ancient political thinking
February 1997


Mahmoud Sadri is Professor of Sociology at Texas Women's University. He has a doctorate in sociology from New York's New School for Social Research. He is the coauthor, with Aruthur Stinchcombe, of an ariticle in "Durkheim's Divison of Labor: 1893-1993" Presses Universitaires de France, 1993. For more information see his page at the Texas Women's University. top

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