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Sparty soldier
Getting to know Iraqis up close
December 25, 2005

Being bilingual isn’t enough
Understanding cultural nuances in a language is the key to a good translation
August 28, 2005

The Taarof Project
The concept of Persian taarof can be described in three important components relating to speech act theory: Its social meaning, the intention of the speaker, and the effect of the act
Updated July 13, 2005

Returning to Rome
The Western legal system of the 20th Century is driven from Roman law
April 5, 2005

ABC's of democracy
Ways and means of democratization
February 14, 2005

Money talks
Women's economic independence in Muslim societies
October 23, 2004

Can Muslim governments help women prosper economically?
June 22, 2004

Divine inferiority
Women in the popular culture of Islam
January 14, 2004

Declining goddess
Alienation of women
September 1, 2003

From cave to cathedral
The age of modernity
December 9, 2002

Politics of intimidation
Ideology & violence
November 11, 2002

The indirect approach
Women and broad-based sustainable development
August 28, 2002

Child to killer
Reasons behind idolization of destructiveness
February 15, 2002


Fatima Farideh Nejat holds a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies of Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology and Women's Studies; and a Masters of Arts degree in International Training and Education from the American University in Washington, DC. She served in diplomatic corps of Iran working at the Iranian Embassy in Washington, DC, from 1970-80. She is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of the Army, Defense language Institute in Monterey, California. Top

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