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REORIENT @reorient

REORIENT is a magazine celebrating contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture -

Sin City

  There’s no escaping him – he’s everywhere. That broad, impeccably groomed moustache, haughty smirk, medallion-studded regalia, black felt cap replete with the lustrous loot of Nader and a telling tuft of peacock plumes, and … those eyes; two dark, sunken spheres possessing at once an air of langu ... Continue reading »

Soul of the South

A VISUAL JOURNEY ACROSS THE CITIES OF IRAN’S VIBRANT KHUZESTAN PROVINCE     The dry climate, intense sun, and dusty air can often make life in Iran’s Khuzestan province difficult, and in the summertime, unbearable. Despite the trying environment, though, there is much life and spirit throughout the ... Continue reading »

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