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My erotic diaries are hitting the mainstream. The first episode -- The night flight -- which appeared on this site is to be reprinted in the March 2007 issue of The Erotic Print Society's magazine, "SEX". The Society is based in London and will be publishing the entire diaries in book form.

Jealous uprising
Napoleon mon amour, Part 13: “It was great. Jaat khaali,” I answered with a smile that deliberately revealed too much
December 25, 2006

French dance
Napoleon mon amour, Part 12: What I know is that I met the person whom surely god had sent to keep me from being hurt by my dear absent lover
November 28, 2006

Fat love
Napoleon mon amour, Part 11: Picking on some mid-aged woman, twice divorced, single mom, with no social life and a weight problem!
October 23, 2006

Sex, love, and football
Napoleon mon amour, Part 10: I would rather watch the Iran-Mexico match with my man rather than David Beckham in the nude
June 7, 2006

Napoleon mon amour (Part 9)
Part 9: The trip to Avignon: City of the Popes
March 2, 2006

Napoleon mon amour (Part 8)
Women do go limp
February 22, 2006

Napoleon mon amour (Part 7)
They all fall in love with you when they realize they can be easily replaced
January 23, 2006

Napoleon mon amour (Part 6)
December 23, 2005

Napoleon mon amour (Part 5)
The Zoroastrian professor
December 6, 2005

Napoleon mon amour (Part 4)
December 1, 2005

Napoleon mon amour (Part 3)
The Libertines’ Club in Nice
November 22, 2005

Napoleon mon amour (Part 2)
I am old enough to know that a little of something that gives you so much joy is better than none at all
November 16, 2005

Napoleon mon amour (Part 1)
That is how much I love him. I rather see him with her more often than less without.
November 8, 2005

Part 11: Almost genetic
That was enough. I could no longer pretend that I was not eager or happy
April 14, 2002

Part 10: Limits of fear
I started with a blank screen
April 5, 2002

Part 9: April Fools: Tobeh
I knew there and then that I would never again be the same Sarvenaz
March 31, 2002

Part 8:
The second time
The gazebo was tucked away in the far corner of the baagh
March 22, 2002

Part 7: Open curtain
I really wanted to see what was going on
March 15, 2002

Part 6: Her lips to mine
My heart fell to my toes and came back up to my throat
March 8, 2002

Part 5:
Early dawn in Lavassan
"This is Zari Khanom, my good old friend"
March 1, 2002

Part 4: Sad almond eyes
The way he avoided looking or talking to me spoke volumes
February 22, 2002

Part 3: Poolside swing
Never afraid of a dare
February 15, 2002

Part 2: Opium dream
Summer in Iran
February 8, 2002

Part 1: The night flight
From Paris to New York
February 4, 2002


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