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Cinema Evin
A film review. Really.
July 23, 2007

A Kiarostami day
Joining friends to see Abbas Kiarostami's photo exhibition and films in Berkeley
July 18, 2007

Making mistakes
Daryoosh Homayoun's talk at UC Berkeley
June 13, 2007

Works like magic
The collective stare of humanity awakens the sense of decency in human rights violators
June 1, 2007

Psychedelic darvish
In Haale's music, the calloused fingers that Jimmy Hendrix planted alongside Farrokhzad's ink-stained hands have sprouted
May 27, 2007

Abdicating authority to the mob
An amicus brief to the Iranian Supreme Court
May 2, 2007

Black is whte
In the movie 300 we get to see what 500 BC would look like if liberals ran the Persian Empire
March 19, 2007

The good (domestic) woman
In Kambuzia Partovi's "Café Transit", feminism lies in his expanding the traditional concept of home, not in expanding the traditional concept of woman
January 11, 2007

Our sense of right and wrong
The trouble with denying the Holocaust
December 17, 2006

Iranian guilt
As long as everyone defends what is within his or her natural emotional reach, all of humanity is covered
November 23, 2006

Overwhelmingly xenophobic
Iranian-American student being tasered by UCLA campus police
November 19, 2006

Besides censorship
In her treasury of interviews with the world’s leading writers and filmmakers, Judy Stone devotes a dozen or so chapters to Iranian artists

Bedeh bestoon: Akbar Ganji at Stanford
Unlike Mossadegh, Ganji is methodical in his approach to politics
August 15, 2006

Love Iranian-American style
It’s been a long time since American documentaries haven't been reality shows
July 25, 2006

From Gandhi to Ganji
A hunger strike is a powerful political tool
July 14, 2006

Self-righteous lashing with no facts
Critics of "Let Me Tell You Where I have been"
July 11, 2006

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