Thursday morning. Time to visit some of the Iranian clients on my caseload. I start with responding to a report about an Iranian male in

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  “Would you like to go for mulberries,” asked Hamid in our way out of a friend's house after a night of poetry reading. We

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Twenty years ago four Iranians disembarked an Air France flight at JFK Airport about to make a new life in the land of the free

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I was there

Sunday June 21, 1998 – Lyon, France around 1:00 PM local time, eight hours before the big game. We have been driving for five hours.

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My mother was ashamed of my grandmother's secret, but more than this, she was furious that I'd found out and extremely worried I might divulge

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No sand between my toes

I read, enjoyed, then studied and contemplated my feelings about the exquisitely articulated articles by Laleh Kahlili (“Loving an Iranian man”) and dAyi Hamid (“Loving

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Shattering truth

Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day. – Albert Camus On March 3, 1997, a 30-year-old Iranian woman showed up

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Alone in India

I remember marigolds and the Taj Mahal room 302. Some streets and the bazaar, the train to Srinagar. The stars at night, sleeping with the

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dAyi Hamid

Loving An Iranian girl

Let me introduce myself: I’m a sports-car-driving, cellphone-carrying, club-hopping, chauvinist pig. I’m no doctor but I am a telecommunications engineer. I’m also an Iranian man.

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