Love at first click

I have always been blessed. Having had almost everything I wished for, I have always considered myself a happy man. A very happy man. I studied in the best schools back home. Ranked on the very top in all exams. Money was never an issue. I look good and relationships were easy to handle.

Many have told me that I am very easy to fall in love with. I have always had beautiful girls around, used to breakup easily and watch them mourn after. Coming from a large well-known family, respect was always there. Hats went off easily and obsatcles were easy to remove.

Four years ago, I married a very beautiful girl. Extremely kind and humble. Again in love with me. One-hundred percent submissive. All her family fell in love with me. Things went smooth and easy. A happy marriage. No arguments at all. Success continued when we came to the U.S. three years ago. No problems at all. Studies went on, top grades and achievements. Success after success.

Until a month ago.

Just by accident, I went to a chatroom and started talking to a young girl. When it ended, life was never the same. Days passed and I became addicted to my cyberlover. I can't imagine being without her. We spend times crying and laughing togeather — online. It's an every-day routine. There is no way to get out of this. I am depressed. Ashamed of sharing the story with anyone. No one will understand. Confusion flies around.

I used to make fun of cyberlovers, never took them seriously. Now I do.

The Internet is affecting everything. Everything is only a click away. One damn holy click. There is much to be learned. Online connections take words from one heart to the next. Make-up doesn't work here. Playing with your voice makes no sence. It's words versus words.

Some think only losers fall in love on the Net. You'd be surprised. However, they all have one thing in common: Lonliness. Technology has made us more isolated.

Next time you decide to chat with someone, think first. Review your situation. Make sure you know how far you want to go. Stay alert during the conversation. Try to run the chat. Don't let the chat run you. Accidents happen.

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