Weekend millionaires

Since I started college two years ago, I've come across a few young Iranians like myself and, surprisingly enough, I've gotten along with them much

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When my mother was young, it was customary for a man reaching certain age and social status to look for a suitable wife. He would

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Let them know

email us Her name was Heidi. She was an old friend of mine. I called to wish her a happy New Year. Her son told

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Please stop

email us * Thank you for my one month free subscription to your fine online magazine. I will not be subscribing at this time, but

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Hell no

email us I am one of the many children of the revolution. We had the bad luck of stepping into the world after the revolution

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Siamack Salari

Marrying me

My wife Varinder is Indian from a large Punjabi Sikh extended household. She should have been a Bollywood actress she tells me. Not married to

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Bad service

email us Thank God dinning is not one of the illegal activities monitored by the “morality police” in Iran. Maybe that is why one of

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email us Pari Ardalan Malek Ever since I came to the United States as a teenager, watching my mother work around the kitchen, I have

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Holiday confusion

email us My relatives used to give me the guilt trip if I didn't call them on Noruz and say “Eid-e shomaa mobaarak” but they

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