My soul cries

Rewind! Stop, I command my brain. Stop! What do these images really mean? What do they tell us about the state of our global village-our humanity?

My five-year-old daughter walks into the room and asks, “Dad, why did those planes run into those tall buildings?”

— “Why?” she persists!

— “Oh, it was a terrible act by some demented people.”

— “Demented? What's that?”

— “… it means mentally sick!”

— “Why sick? Couldn't they go to a doctor?”

— “I don't know, maybe they did but the doctor didn't help them!”

“This land is your land. This land is my land….” Let's hope that from the ashes of the buildings and victims of the terrorist attacks emerge rays of hope for goodness, mutual respect, peace, and harmony. Let's honor the vanished, console the survivors, and protect the most important and globally cherished American values — freedom and tolerance. Let's stop sacrificing innocent people in the mantles of politics. Let's work together to stop future terrorist attacks in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Let's rewind, pause, reflect, and think! Let's face the wake up call. Let's accept the fact that we can no longer afford to live in isolation. Let's meet the challenge of this new global reality, terrorism, by focusing on finding and eliminating the real criminals, not by killing more innocent peoples in Afghanistan (one of the poorest nations in the world) or elsewhere. Let's join hands and work together for a more peaceful and prosperous world. Let's focus our might, technology, intelligence, and energy on diagnosing problems, finding remedies, and devising sound, just, and humane policies. Any other course of action will erode our collective humanity further, perpetuate the existing cycle of violence, and bring us a step closer to Armageddon.


Yahya R. Kamalipour, PhD, is professor of mass communication at Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, Indiana. His most recent books are Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs in the Global Village; Images of the U.S. Around the World; and Global Communication. For more information. Visit his web site at

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