Eastern cuisine

Tickled black,

impossibly trapped,

arraigned in a court of lust

and guilty as c h a r g e d.

Corrupted by the cool delinquent darkness

of your twin obsidian stars.

Utterly lost in my queen of dreams,

not even Hafiz and his muse

could paint you more vividly

than your form torn from reality

and re-defined

in the deliquescent dimensions

of my unsated d e s i r e.

I want the crimson splash and b u r n

of your moist radioactive lips.

Split my soul asunder,

plunder my secret songs.

Wrap my waist in the golden cream

of your screaming thighs.

Extemporize your need for collusion of skin

and demigod t o u c h

in devilish whispers.

Feel the universe splinter and subdivide

in a collision of corporeal relish

as the tingles in your delicious tummy

turn to s h i v e r s.

Jigar-e toe bikhoram,

and for dessert I'll have your heart.

©2002 J.P Amos

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