Pay it forward

I saw a movie the other day called
Pay It Forward, and I laughed, and I cried, and I smiled. For the first time in weeks I looked around and saw how beautiful my surroundings were and how much better a little kindness and understanding on my part could make those things that didn't seem as beautiful.

The stroyline was simple enough: A teacher with a scarred face dares his students to think of a way to change the world. And one bright little boy, who has a troubled home life of his own, comes up with a step-by-step plan called “Paying it Forward”. All you have to do is choose three people, and do for each of them one big, life-changing favor.

Instead of asking for something in return, all you should do is tell them to do the same favor for three other people. Even if you do not repay the person who once helped you, your helping someone else will change the world for the better, providing that the person you help goes on to carry the legacy you created.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Because I have been inspired, and an inspired young girl is a very dangerous thing because she just might build up enough crazy idealistic plans in her head that might seriously lead to making the world a better place.

Well, I would find it nice to make the entire universe a better place, but for now I would like to make my country a better place. I want us all to start our own little project called “Pay It Forward: Iranian Style”. All I ask is that you do three acts of kindness for three Iranians and to tell them of this project and to ask of them to Pay It Forward.

Maybe you could tip the waiter at your local chelo kabobi more than you usually do and tell him to buy his wife flowers. Or maybe you could buy the child of an Iranian who does not have much money some new toys. You could also go creative in your favor-doing endeavor by maybe finding two lonely souls and playing matchmaker.

The possibilities are endless yet the purpose comes down to one thing. In helping one person and asking them to help others, we rely on our beliefs in the goodness of human nature, and we create a hopefully never ending chain of love, kindness, and happiness. It is when we unite for the good of all that we can truly create a heaven out of the darkest hell.

Please e-mail me with your stories of kindness so I can report the progress of my idea. God Bless You All, and please watch the movie and hope to dream in beauty…..

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