Islamabad’s Parsibans

I'm a 23-year-old from Islamabad. This is the capital, the headquarters which has always been accused of supporting the Taliban; the place from where orders were passed to save Al Qaeda and allow the killing of various sects.

Over the years Pakistan's reputition was deimmed on the international scene. We wanted to come close to Iran, but again it was the Afghan issue. As a result we dont have a trust worthy friend. Aafghanistan was always going to pretend to be our friend just to put the brunt of refugees on Pakistan's already weak shoulders

This country was not always wrecked by political and military will, but other factors as well. The beards or mullahs, and then there is the other theory: Unncle Sam's invisible army.

The people of Pakistan however did not want all this. We are having to accommodate a rude and troublesome first and second generation of Afghan refugees. In Islamabad alone there are 300,000 refugees, including 1,000 Kurds and Bahaiis. Domicile applicationns were never a problem thanks to the corrupt ID system.

We have become familiar with a new ethnic Afghan breed called the Parsibans. If you thought the Northern Alliance hates Paksitanis, think again. Their families, now reside in luxurious homes in Rawalpindi's westridge area. In Islamabad, Afghans have made F-10 and G-10 sectors their virtual hubs. The area of G-10 is considered the most crowded. They run shops, transpport, even brothels.

In the area of F-10, Afghans are a commonn sight. More than 60% of flats are resided by Afghans. The Farsibans don't seem Pathan at all. They seem more Central Asian. The Tajik and Uzbek community is active in Rawalpindi's Sadiqabad area. Here they get together at an Aghan community centre.

It is quite noticable how in a short period Afghans have become so prosperous. Believe me Afghans are potential troublemakers. Islamabad is now plagued by abduction, sometimes even rape. And most of the time Afghans are involved.and they are not friendly. Frankly speaking, no one wants to get in a brawl, as peopple fear of getting to pay a price.

In Pakistan what troubles the locals is the fear that outsiders will dominate the economy, but the way things are going it seems quite inevitable. Because afghans excell in studies, commerce, and even modernisation.and i mean modernisation; the Pathan Afghans are mostly poor, many of their kids work as scavengers here. But the Parsibans are gradulually forming the uppper class in Islamabad.

People are moving about at their own will, especially women. They are seen in skirts, flaunting their beauty,but not all,of course u dont see them in skirts everywhere,but those afghan girls who dress up in local dress will make you drool also.

Since afghan girls are considered the most beautiful stock in islamabad and Peshaver, many are now getting in their trap, and end up inter marrying regardless whether she is a Parsiban or not.

So you see Islamabad is not really the place we think it is. The city of diplomatic cars where orders are passed out.

You might think this is an extremist view. But to tell you the truth, sometimes you must express your frustration. It's just my way of saying, “What are they doing on my land”?

But don't worry. We will continue to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood whether we are accused of being saints, extremists, or silent onlookers.

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