Faded hope

My name is Kazem Ghasemi and I live in the UK. I changed my name to Gari Gardner, not because I wanted to change my identity, but only because I wanted to avoid mispronunciation by my fellows here. I have always remained a true Iranian and I have always been proud of my nationality and cultural heritage.

When I first heard about the satellite TV stations broadcasting to Iran and Europe I was overjoyed and awash with curiosity. But soon all the hope faded and I am a little worried about the public culture and literature that these stations are propagating, and its effect on our social behavior.

What I see is jealous unsuccessful TV owners targeting successful ones. They plot against each other, use insulting words like NOGHL & NABAT. For instance they say “MELLAT KHARIAT KARDAND KE ENGHELAB KARDAND” or “GAV VA GOOSALE HAM EENO MIFAHMAD” and …

I heard a lot of four-letter words on behalf of the listeners. I don't blame them when the producers call them KHAR and provoke them with accusations and so on.

Another interesting thing is that their top MOBAREZ is a former movie actress who was among the first who stripped in Farsi films and a third-rate singer who used to sing the most trite songs in the history of Iranian music.

And finally what amazed me was personal problems that find their way on public broadcast. Even so called intellectuals or quasi-literature personalities like Shahyar Ghanbari who appear on TV and angrily scolded ZAMIN & ZAMAN at first and then said a lot of shameful words like AHMAGH, SIGHEYEE, VATANFOROSH, and so on, against Googoosh. Calling all the artists inside the country members of the intelligence ministry and so forth.

Don't you think that we have many reasons to be ashamed of ourselves? Mr Ghanbari and other TV personalities, please please please for God's sake pick up a book and read something and learn to be polite. We have been living in a democracy for 23 years and instead of teaching the youth in Iran we should learn from them. Nobody is responsible for your unlucky life or business. If you are unsuccessful in life blame yourself not others.

It is interesting to hear that four or five other stations are on the way and the business of VATAN-TRADING is quite successful. So if you are a nobody and want to have a new life and need to make a name for yourself it is quite easy. Throw away the past, buy a wig, a few Armani suits and change your family name to something close to BOZORG ALGHAB and start a TV station Maybe in the next revolution you will be somebody.

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