Muhammad Mehdi

Tracks from the Sijjin/Illiyin CD, “A flowing groove of revolving rhythms and melodies that provide the listener with a space that contracts and expands all the while exploring the edge of trance and house. Seamless transitions keep the listener locked into a finely crafted composition.” — From Muhammad Mehdi’s web site.

Divine rights….. Performed live at the Blue Sky festival in Big Bear, California, August 2000.

Call to prayer….. Intro track to the Sijjin/Illiyin CD. The rest are also from this CD.

Inshirah….. It has an anthem-style trance. The abrupt start and ending to the track is due to the fact that the CD was created as one long continuous piece, and then cut up for this feature.

No worries….. The gateway to “Sijjin”, the second half of the CD. No particular stlye, but hey, no worries… 😉 hmm.

Truthful ways….. Track 7 is the first house track on the CD, in contrast to the begining trance of illiyin. The CD continues as one composition in whole.

Irrational impulses….. Just like the name, “irrational impulses”.

Sijjin….. This track wraps up the Sijjin/Illiyin CD. It’s a deep vocal house track with female Indian vocals. Appropriately titled “Sijjin” in response to many Muslims who seem to take things for granted and make up rules of their own. I’ve gotten many negative response from certain Muslims who think music to be unlawful. And every time I respond back with the Quran: “who forbids the beautiful gifts of Allah… we bestowed on some more and greater gifts than others… to David we gave the gift of the psalms”. Nonetheless, it is all up to God, for Allah knows best. May he forgive me for my mistakes.

Hush….. Track 17 on the CD, “Hush” is a short transitional orchestrial piece written for the blue sky performance. Tthe message: “You can’t change things overnight, but you’re making great progress. The reply being “not enough” for we aught not stop striving.

Closing….. This is track 19 on the CD, “closing” another orchestrial piece for the end… Hope you enjoy it…

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