Dokhtar-e Amrika-i


At the dinner table

We talk politics

I say we shouldn't go to war

We are hated around the world.

My mother snickers:

Akh! akh! Fekr mikoneh Amrika-ist!


In middle school

with brown skin and toothpick curves

their eyes watch me

Camel Jockey!

Vanessa, with her soft milky skin

and gold tinted hair

reassures me:

you'll bloom in college

Everyone will be after you.


At some bar

he walks towards me

two drinks in hand

his brow arches

over pale blue eyes

he asks my name

then asks where I'm from

I say: the Axis of Evil.


In my dreams

things aren't punctuated properly

I wear Amrika on my head

a turban of red, white and blue

stars and stripes stream behind me

as I ride through the amber waves of grain

glide over the fruited plains:

on my camel.

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