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It is Sunday night. First day of December 2002 is almost finished. I am sitting in front of the fireplace, sipping merlot and diving in my thoughts.

All my body is filled with an enjoyable fatigue, the kind that makes me think. And this thinking brings me a pleasant relaxation. I think with joy, with love, with some nostalgia about a trip we made during Thanksgiving holiday, a trip that just ended half an hour ago.

Together with 14 other friends from all over the United States (I knew them all, they met each for the first time on the trip), we made a memorable, exciting and unforgettable trip from Los Angeles, to the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park.

In putting this group together I tried to choose people who would go together, leave the comfort of their beds to sleep in a RV, enjoy a bit of exploration in nature and, above all, escape cell phones, email, and TV.

We planned 3 months in advance, giving everyone enough time to get their tickets. I wanted far away friends to be with us, to feel the warmth of their hands and to hear their familiar voices. And so it was my long-awaited trip to the most famous crack on earth: Grand Canyon. And it happened.


I feel light as a feather. I see all my friends' big, bright smiles through the empty glass of wine . I close my eyes and whisper: “Let me keep this light heartedness until next Thanksgiving when I gather all to go to…?”

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