Now that is forgotten

September/ 11/01

I cannot walk

My nerves have failed my knees

Doctors say: She is scared

I cannot write, my hands are short

my soul dried up

not one word

empty chest

blinded eyes

no poetry for me

I am too black to write

Born on the wrong side of the world

My eyes are too dark to see

Once I wrote about the roses,

Now the joy is lost


I do not speak

My accent is too bruised

Not one word, one word to say; to write

I do not go (out)

I cry

Baby in my womb vomits in anger

I don't want sex

I don't want food; I do not leave the four-walled room

I am tired

I don't want to hear, see, or read

I want to have the bluest eyes

I want to have the blondest hair

I want to have the tallest legs to show off by the sea

Does it sound American enough?

I want

I want

I want

I want to know why when those bluest eyes,

blondest hair, bombed Oklahoma,

racial profiling wasn't in the news!


God please let it not be Iranians,

Let it not be Middle Eastern, let it not be!

Please God let it not be those who look like my brothers

Don't you go today!

My brother sits at home all day long, all night long!



No poetry for me

The sounds of spring,

Flying birds!

The Mud,

Covering the ears!

Tears falling,

Fear's pulling

I fear

Lives lost in the ashes

Broken souls

Unborn child

For you

I will change my very being


I will ask god to give me blond hair

I will ask god to give me blue eyes

I will ask god to let me

I will ask god to let me

I will ask god to let me…

Today I heard

Today I heard

Today I learned

Today I learned a new word: Hijackers

Today I learned: my hopes are dried

Today I know about not being born in the right part of the world


I am not an Arab

I keep telling them

Well what's the difference?

You are a Muslim!

I am not a Muslim

Well what's the difference?

No, not even you know the

the difference

between Indians,

Afghanis, Muslims,

Sikhs, Hindus and Jews.

more than ever, there is no difference.

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United States of Immigrants

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