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The best daughter EVER

My daughter is a big-shot radio reporter in Washington. She called the other day and made an offer.

— “Baba! How are you?”
— “I'm busy. What do you want?”
— “Nothing. Just called to say hi. Cheh khabar?”
— “Heechee. Kaar.”
— “I have an idea for your donation drive.”
— “Huh?”
— “Make one of these ads and say, 'If you make a donation to iranian.com, you can take my daughter out.”
— “You mean they would donate AND pay for your dinner?”
— “Sure. A nice dinner. And a movie.”
— “Ok. Sounds like fun. I'll do it.”
— “I can't believe it! My own father selling me for a buck…”
— “It was YOUR idea!”
— “I was KIDDING!”
— “Oh… sorry. I guess I'm getting too desperate. By the way, can you lend me $400?”
— “… Put up the ad. But whoever donates better be cute.”

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