Our Paul Bremer?

Several weeks ago we read “Terms of engagement” written by Hume Horan, former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and a well renowned Arabist . I had intended to introduce the man who had been behind carrying out many of the US policies in the region with utmost fervor and zeal.

His story is fascinating and I am even more intrigued since he is half Iranian and for so many years had kept himself, understandably, out of the limelight of the Iranian Diaspora. But I think it is time we take a serious look at his life’s accomplishments and who he really is. After all he might one day be our Paul Bremer.

Speaking of Paul Bremer, Ambassador Horan is in tow with Ambassador Bremer in Baghdad as we speak. He was chosen as one of the elite members of Bremer’s team to help with the Iraq reconstruction. In the outset he is responsible for establishing a tie with the Shiites and convincing them that working with the coalition is in the best interest of Iraq and Islam.

I have no doubt after having followed his ascendancy in the state department for many years, that if any one can be our man in the area, it would be Hume. There are several reasons for this. Hume, is an Arabist, can speak Arabic better than most Arabs, understands the true meaning of Islam, spent decades in the region establishing contacts with many of the same groups he would undoubtedly come into contact with.

This is the explanation that would satisfy most in the current administration. But what gives Hume his ultimate legitimacy with the people of Iraq is the fact that his father was a well-respected Shiite.In fact what is not known in many circles is, like his father before him, Hume is a respected Sufi and Dervish.

His father the late Abdullah Entezam, was the figure head of the Okhovat council, or by another name the Safi Ali Shah Dervishes. On his last visit to Iran in 1976, Hume was indoctrinated into this Sufi organization. Although not practicing, he is still respected and looked upon as a source of emulation among this fast dwindling group.

Coupled with his family name, incidentally Hume’s Iranian name is Seyyed Mohammad Entezam, Hume has the charisma to bring together the polarized groups into the mainstream of a democratic union in this war torn and Saddam ravaged country. For more information on him you can refer to “The Arabists” by Robert D. Kaplan or visit ghaffaris.com and click on his image.

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