A recipe

A recipe: Strawberry cream cake
2 cups of sugar
to keep it sweet
4 cups of flour
for the core of the matter
2 eggs
to set the structure
pint of strawberries succulent
to rekindle desires
and much much cream
to soften and to rank with the devil
whip the mixture and place
in a pre-heated oven
when ready
eat with delight
as this strawberry cream cake can
cure that frigid mind

27th may 2000
in the warmth of the night
i hang the wet day to dry
and let the weight of memories sink
into the land of dreams
the trellis is of bamboo
of the hollows inside
with the outer shell hard
words like marbles roll:
Haruko Hiroko Ma'hi
Mi-hye Yukiko and Mi-young
Ginki Yuji Oscar
honeysuckles intertwined into that trellis
it's 27th May, a humid yet warm night.

Here today is present
And as the days go by
One by one
Leaf by leaf
Until the autumn wind blows
One by one
On and on
And ditto.

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