Steeping into freezing water,
Saved by a bottomless ocean.
Screaming all the why questions,
Only receiving echo answers.
Struggling to change a past,
Realizing it's already the future.
Reaching out for strong hands,
Grabbing air of empty reflections.
Climbing an endless mountain,
Held together by loose stones.
It's a call ignored by millions
It's a fall caught by no one.

Pleasures are written on sand
washed away by the ocean.
Happiness is found in the heart
Absorbed by the soul and body.
Time is greater than the universe
changed with the flow of water.
Experience is executing action
acquired through awareness.
Mistakes are developments
Learned by taking chances.
Knowledge is permanent
Obtained by mere simplicities.
Realizations are essentialities
Overshadowed by luxury.
Conscience is awareness
Used to live in every moment.

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