Just figuring it out

“Hey Mina, wait up?”

I turn around to see the face of my preceptor Dr. Max who is a 40 something mid-life-crisis approaching physician who is currently on his third wife.

“You did a great job in there kiddo. I told you this hard work would pay off. You are on your way to Surgeon General.”

Just a few moments ago, I was in a conference room with Dr. Max along with 20 of his colleagues giving a presentation on some cardiology research I did last summer.

“Really?” I reply. “I was so nervous and I left out one of the points.”

“Oh don't you worry your pretty little head about it. Everyone thought you were great. Dr. Davids thought you were cute as a button.”

After a few seconds of my infamous blank, I smile curtly and thank Dr. Male Chauvinist Pig for his complement. After all, I am only a 2nd year medical student, at the bottom of the totem pole, 20 years his junior and 3 marriages less experienced. It does not matter I have had 3 hours of sleep a night for the past 4 days trying to find time to put together this stupid presentation Dr. Max thought would be “such a wonderful opportunity”. Next time, I'm swearing a plastic bag. 

At any rate, glad to be out of the lions' den. It is 1:30 and I have to head to class. After swinging by to get some coffee, I plop down exhausted in my seat and see a mane of blonde hair whip around to face me.

“Hey Mins, how did it go?”

“Alright I guess, Dr. Max's on crack.”

“Sweety, are you just figuring this out? I was in a physical exam with him last week and he asked me how nursing school was going.”

Michelle is my best friend and classmate. It was fate when I met her. We were at a beginning of the year party our first year when everyone was getting to know each other. Cocktail in hand, I caught glimpse of my favorite man (next to my father of course) Louis Vuitton — bag that is. I had a flashback of my grandmother in Iran explaining how every fancy young lady should have a beautiful handbag. At least I can blame or trace the beginnings of my shopping habits to one place. It makes it a little easier to rationalize.”

At any rate, class has started and I cannot pay attention. This damn laptop which we were required to buy has been my constant downfall. Instead of being the attentive medical student, I am too easily distracted by mind-building websites such as hotornot.com. Sigh. It's hard being a Persian girl in med school.

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