Serendipity Island

We visited Kish, an Island south of Iran recently. We tried to ignore the cans and empty bottles of water here and there and focus on the perfect color of the sky and many shades of the blue in the sea. As if its creator could not quite decide which color to pick to paint the sea and decided to throw all the shades in.

We went to see the Greek Ship which has been stranded in the Persian Gulf's water for more than 40 years. They say no one knows exactly why the ship was not able to move after it got close to the shore of Kish island. But I'll let you in a little secret: I think it saw the most beautiful sunset and decided that it wants to watch it forever.

We also went to see the 2000-year-old underground (ghanat) that had been carved by the locals years ago, and quenched the thirst of the kind-hearted people of this island for many years. I bet we could have heard the sound of many hammers on the walls had the three of us listened carefully in that silent night.

There is still hope to keep the environment of this island as beautiful and clean as it deserves to be. I know that all the great white corals are history now and I saw how many people took these things for granted.

But I found some secluded places that you could still see hundreds of different sea snails in different shades and sizes that were moving with their little feet on huge rocks all covered with bright green sea weeds.

Sure, I saw a grown woman who started collecting them despite my protest but I also heard about our other friend who took a bag and collected garbage along the shore. We saw exotic fish swimming close to the shore still naïve to the dangers that this pompous being could threaten them with.

Luckily almost everyone who comes to Kish is consumed with long hours of shopping but that is deemed to change. When you go there, please be careful not to bother the serene sleep of sea shells and don't stain the tranquility of that ship with all the cans and bottles and tea bags and please, leave the sea's treasures for other people to enjoy.     

This is the “serendipity island”; I wish that the fog is so thick that only a handful of people could ever set foot on its white shores and among those who do, I hope there are enough of those who respect its blue colors and the breeze which caresses your every cell inside out; a place where you wish to turn into a seagull and roam on this paradise forever.

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