Freedom buried

the solution to revolution is causality evolution,
such pollution of the notion,
that the people don't mean nothing,
makes the people fight for something,
makes the children who're becoming,
old enough to see the dumbing,
of the truth that there is something,
other than the nothing coming,
from the crooked clergy clearly,
clogging flows of flirts with freedom,
firmly fighting those in need and,
dying for a lost regime…
cause the people are believing,
they are looking to the future,
where a woman is a being,
where a mullah's pockets bleeding,
into mouths of all the pleading,
where my hands will cover gestures of theocracy retreating,
where a governments agreeing,
with the people they are leading,
with the god they are believing,
where the persian soul is breathing,
to finding all the meaning,
in 25 years preceding,
and ultimately succeeding,
in defeating this misleading.
for we will once again be leading,
and the world will soon be reading,
about the new persian revolution,
whose solution, was evolution, and the will, of human being.
but, the fight has just begun.

-persian made, philadelphia raised, matthew jafarian, 21, boca raton, fl, 2.17.04

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