The shame

The Shame

I sent away for you
You never came
And when the dawn arrived and the plums fell with
reckless abandon, when the leaves wilted and the
branches tilted
The winter storms cried

For you never came

And the piano played that same plain passage
He used to, as if the keys were the only ones he
The mustard of your heaven


I sent away for you
You never came
And if it's all the same to you-
It's all the same.


A place we ran to, together

A wheel once ran
A tear once ran
A song once ran
A heart once ran
A smile once ran

A mind full of memory once ran

And a place we ran to, together.

And if it's an open palm I'm after

And if it's a stranger I seek

And if it's a starry night I dream

And a hope I bleed

There was this place,
This place we ran to, together.

Faith is born
Eyes crash

Fruitful scents

A piece of mind a peace of mind a place where I

Where I can still sense you telling me

In birdful beauty


that you are what you are, and I've decided that I'll
have to love you just that way

And a place we ran to- a potter's wheel- compassion
out of a splattered friction
wet with our conversation

I'd love to take you there
I'd love to bury myself there
I'd love to birth, to treasure, to remember beyond
measure, a place we'd run to, forever.

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