Martyrs without a cause

Islamic Fundamentalism as expressed through violent terrorism is deeply flawed at its core and doomed to complete failure. Unfortunately all those that associate with it or support it will suffer inevitable tragic consequences as it crumbles and burns.

Al-Qaeda's defective interpretation of Jihad is based on hatred and resentment. These are emotions. But we live in a world of reason where all actions have unemotional consequences. Only humans suffer from emotion, the rest of nature is oblivious to it.

Emotions like hate and anger cloud logical reasoned thought and ultimately lead to illogical self-destructive actions. Because modern Jihad is based on hatred, the need to exact revenge and humiliation against its perceived enemies becomes the end in it self without a reasonable unemotional plan for final victory.

While Al-Qaeda is trying to create the next symbolic slap in the face against America, the United States is honing a highly developed military machine to systematically eliminate Al-Qaeda and all its associates from the face of the Earth. Al-Qaeda's actions will cause the American military to grow while America's actions will cause Al-Qaeda to shrink. There is a logical foreseeable conclusion to this situation. The question is how many young Muslims will Al-Qaeda throw out as cannon fodder before it is destroyed.

Terrorist claims that they are acting on behalf of God are illogical. Hatred is a purely human flaw. And to satisfy these base emotions through violence is an ungodly human reaction. God would never associate himself with these repulsive events and to claim so is blasphemous. And to oppose a vastly superior military force on a false claim of divine support as its only hope of achieving success is idiotic.

Martyrdom comes with an implicit goal of relieving an injustice, but in modern Jihad the injustices that terrorists address have negotiable solutions. The actions they perpetrate actually hamper these solutions and in effect work to maintain the injustices, which nullifies any legitimate claim of martyrdom. Martyrdom without a cause is just simple suicide and murder.

A just solution between Israel and Palestine could have been negotiated decades ago. Terrorism has denied this justice. Therefore suicide bombers are disqualified from martyrdom. Those that send these young people to their deaths under knowingly false pretenses represent pure evil. Those that celebrate the senseless murder of the innocents have made a pact with the Devil.

Raw hatred when packaged with fascist-religious dogma can be very seductive. But that's exactly how Satan operates isn't it? Hatred is a human weakness. The devil wants us to succumb to it; God wants us to overcome it. Al-Qaeda wants Muslims to succumb to it. It's OK to use logic to appreciate whose side they're on.

All religions, including Islam are based on the attempt to help its members overcome their blemished negative human emotions as a means of achieving a closer relationship to God's perfection. Modern Jihad exploits and fosters hatred in direct defiance to Gods will. It is definitely fascist but can also be argued as Satanic.

Throughout the Islamic world religious clerics preach Satanic Jihad. But the average Muslim has an absolute obligation to God to remove this impurity from their sacred religion. Sadly, too many Muslims have stood silent as their religion is bastardized. A cleric that preaches hatred and murder is worthless if his Mosque is empty.

Ironically it is the Christians led by America who are actually fighting to purify and ultimately rescue Islam. The Christians who aren't blinded by emotional hatred can clearly recognize that an evil dangerous representative of Satan has arisen and are willing to fight it. Don't be mistaken; a great many Muslims also recognize this evil and are actively fighting with their Christian allies. But a great bulk of Muslims are paralyzed with confusion between their intuitive sense of right and wrong, against the seductive allure of Islamic fascism.

If America were the great Satan, why would it work to eradicate the satanic elements within Islam? A deadly cancer is growing within Islam. Can good Muslims find the wisdom and courage to eradicate this wicked tumor before it becomes terminal?

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