US elections

Yeah, let's send a message to Washington, he said.

The election: A draw, no wait… BUSH WINS BY A NOSE!!!

Loser: America.

Heard you loud and clear my Floridian brother.

The message: Give us exciting candidates, not stiffs.

In the world of instant gratifications, marketing demographics, star-power sex symbols, blockbusters, sound bites, and over exposure, we want a president who can entertain. It's not enough to be qualified, you gotta be a star. If you can lead, that's good too. Who's Chirac? I'm sure he'll learn on the job. Where's Afghanistan? Who cares? No one important lives there anyway.

He's good enough. Hey, what's the worst that could happen? He's not very experienced, but he's got that Channey dude as his VP. He seems pretty experienced. He'll tell him what to do, say, whatever. George'll figure it out.

Funny? ….. I don't think so.

One thing is for sure. One man really can make a difference, for bad or for good, even if he's just the leader of the free world. One vote makes a difference too.

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