The need of the hour is this kind of spirit in the politicians of Pakistan, unless they do it, there is no survival. Our politicians have been crying hoarse about not only induction of democracy in Pakistan but also its failure, they do not realize that democracy is not in the genesis of the people of Pakistan, which is also not the panacea of all ills and curses that afflict Pakistan.

Pakistan needs at the moment a selfless despot, who is benevolent and only he can deliver the goods as Joseph II did in Austria, and let the fools contend. One of the aspects of unrest in present situation is linked with Wana operation, American war against an imaginary enemy in which Pakistan has been placed as frontline state, under the newly coined American terminology of friends or foe to suit American interest only.

There was a time when Vice President Johnson of America invited a camel driver Mr. Bashir from Pakistan as his personal guest. It was very difficult for a high browed Ambassador of Pakistan Mr. Aziz Ahmad to be present at the airport because the Vice President was also there to receive the camel driver from Pakistan as his special guest and now is the time when the President of America is out to clash with the civilization of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The law of nature is that only one man rules, whatever the form of government may be. In America the President of America rules, in England it is the Prime Minister. In Egypt it is the President even though there is a Prime Minister, and so is it in Turkey. In India it is the Prime Minister who rules. It is a pity that in Pakistan no body rules, and the nation suffers in consequence.

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