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The New York Times calls him the “ambassador for a silenced music.” He's lived in 11 different countries and speaks 5 languages. He's a regular at Columbia and NYU lecturing on Middle-Eastern music. With his multi-cultural background and knowledge in music, Amir Vahab, in his own words, is truly like “Middle-Eastern mud.” >>> Visit his site

Born in Tehran, Iran, Amir began studying music at an early age. His first instrument was the tanbour and he eventually moved to playing setar, tar, ney and daf. Amir Vahab left Iran when he was 18 years old, moving first to England, then to France and Switzerland. In 1981, he settled down in New York City and opened up his own jewelry shop.

After working in that business for many years, he finally managed to quit it to solely focus on music production and performance. A deeply spiritual person, Amir Vahab regularly holds drumming circles at his apartment on the Upper East Side and performs with his band Ensemble Soroosh at various venues in NYC >>> Source: Asma Society

Sample music

* Afarinesh
* Norooz
* Celebration
* Desired Rubi
* Divine Essence
* Baaghe Baaroon-zadeh

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