Sow & reap

So Kofi Annan the Secretary General of United Nation has come out with truth and identified his own position as well as of United Nation Organisation as an independent body and not being subservient to United States of America. The invasion on Iraq has been a testing ground not only for the World Conscience but also for the identity of UN.

In his recent BBC TV interview Mr. Annan the Secretary General of UN has stated that the invasion on Iraq is illegal. History is going to record the similarity between the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush, President of United States of America and the invasion of Poland by Herr Hitler, the dictator of Germany. Both the invasions are without any legal ground.

Hitler used Germany’s right of access to the Sea through the Port of Danzig as a plea for invading Poland and freeing the German people all over Europe from the atrocities of the Jews, while George W. Bush has used the plea of unearthing Weapons of Mass Destruction to save America and Americans from any possible attack from Saddam Hussein, who was supposedly supplied these weapons to crush Iran, America’s arch enemy.

Events have proved that terrorism is a phobia for the Americans and their friends as distinct from foes. It started with Osama bin Laden and Mulla Omar in Afghanistan and has traveled in every nook and corner in the world, the practical demonstration of which is available in Iraq. George Bush has struck first and Saddam has become a Hero, and an emblem of Independence for the country.

Now the friends of Untied States are talking about the fact that there may not be an Osama bin Laden in person, it may be an idea only and the name and reason given to a so-called War against Terrorism. After all what is the justification of starting a war in Afghanistan, just on a fabulous plea of terrorism and then involving friends as distinct from foes. No power can handle and prosecute a World War successfully without the help of accomplices. This has roped Pakistan, and Afghanistan now is a storm center of war of Independence. This is the right of every nation.

Mr. Bush may conveniently forget that the present Afghan were pushed into this act of war by the Americans to stem the tide of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Consequently the Taliban who are a creation of the Americans established themselves as rulers in Afghanistan. As one sows, so one reaps.

The fundamental extremism was sown by Americans in Afghanistan to stop the infidel Soviet advance towards the warm waters of the Arabian Sea via Pakistan. Pakistan proved to be a convenient conduit for American arms and plan to Taliban and this is now being used against the Americans: as you sow so shall you reap. Now readers have to judge, who ran the terrorist here, the America or the Afghanistan.

The position of Iraq is not much different. When the Americans failed with the fall of the Shah in Iran, they patronized Saddam Hussein and helped him to launch an attack on Iran, which was dutifully done by Saddam. In his frenzy of power Saddam did not bother about the world opinion specially the Arabs and made enemies all over, and when America did not find him of any use, he has been discarded like a used rubber and treated accordingly. This is the American way of doing things.

North Ossetia, a former Muslim dominated state has been a scene of terrorism recently. The President of Russia has refused to sit across the table with the breakaway states of Russia on the plea that negotiations across the table has been twice refused by Europe and America on similar offers by Osama bin Laden. But when the Americans refused to sit across the table, then why the Russians are being pressed to sit round the table with them.

It’s a pity that a false sense of prestige of people in high position has marred the peace of the world. This is the position not only with Russians but also with the Americans and their allies and their friends and foes. Given fair play, justice and freedom for self determination as was done to East Timor, terrorism will subside as a matter of course. Today the so-called terrorist has got a cause, tomorrow they will not have a cause, and when there straight forward approach across the table fails, terrorism takes over.

History has proved that the policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hound never pays. Truth is one commodity, which is the first casualty in any war or war like operation. Let us save that first and inspire confidence in the people sitting on the other side of the table. Then and only then peace can be brought about in this present tormenting world.

One of the friends as distant from foes has made a very bold but deplorable statement that there is no place in this country for any armed might than his own army. I would very respectfully submit that here he is sadly mistaken, unless he derives his strength from the nation, the armed forces can not support him.

The case of former East Pakistan and now Bangladesh is an example, no one has been able to rule over graveyards, let us not convert our country as a graveyard in frenzy of eliminating the so-called terrorist, bring them round the table and they will listen and act accordingly, provided we are sincere in our efforts, there is no alternative to sincerity and truthfulness, which is fast evaporating in the political atmosphere of Pakistan.

Mr. Vladimir Putin has made the most un-statesman like statement that Ossetia is a breakaway state like Chechenya, why call it breakaway, do they not have the right of self determination as have Tajikistan, Kyrzestan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, South Ossetia, Chechenya, Abkhazia and others, or Kashmir and Palestine for that matter. Give them their right and treat them like human beings, they will listen.

Think of the end of Herr Hitler, who said to Dr. Benes of Czechoslovakia, “Are you not aware that you are in the presence of the greatest German, history has ever known,” and annexed Czekolavakia. Hitler had to commit suicide in his cell in Berlin and his body was never found. People who have started this war of terrorism should as a matter of fact be tried as War Criminals before the International War Crimes tribunal established under the aegis of UN for committing illegal acts of adventure and destroy the peace of the World.

All the terror stricken countries are therefore advised to go deep down into the causes of terrorism instead of trying to crush a generation in the process of which the generation of the powers that are, will also be wiped out.

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